Thursday, February 14, 2013

Project Life- Week 6

As promised, Its time for Week 6 pages and this totally catches me up on this project and that makes me soo happy!

And speaking of making me happy...these pages make me even happier! As you'll see, week 6 turned out to be a very special week for my family with the birth of our new niece, and I couldn't help but to try to make them as special as possible as well.

     side by side with front of insert

 Left side with insert

I had to use an insert for this week as you could imagine with having so many pictures I wanted to include. I used the left side to do the first part of the week, and I was also able to do something a little more creative with my weekly title by using the insert and I was really happy with how it came out.

I had a heck of a start for the week. On Tuesday, I went out for lunch with some friends, and in  making sure I got a picture of the day for the sake of my Project Life page...I end up losing my car keys at the restaurant!!! I found them after an hour of searching, but Ugghh! Go Figure! Hense, the title of my foldable journaling card that contains said story!
 THEN the next night my computer decides to crash on me!!! Omg...major FAIL!!!!

I was just happy that I had something to look forward to and lift my spirits by the end of the week!

Right side with insert:

I used the right side to put as many pictures of my Brother and Casandra's delivery and of course the baby right after she was born. I had to make a few collages just to get all my favorites in. I love the black and white pictures that I took  in this format and I got the effect I wanted. It was a very special photo shoot for me and she was just too cute to stop.  Can you tell I was a proud Auntie??  ;)

     side by side with back of insert
As you can see the pictures are pretty self explanatory so I just added a few words (knowing I had already spewed everything on an earlier blog post), and I even included my visitors passes from the hospital to remember that by.

I had many baby themes going on this week too! My friend Bethany had her Baby Shower this past Sunday given by her Mom and MIL, and I was asked to take a few pictures for them as well. Coming from the other side of pink for my niece, It was soo much fun to catch some baby boy blue! It was just a beautiful shower and soo many creative things were done by her mom that I had to get on film for future reference ;) Thank you Debbie, Diana and Bethany for having me that day! 

So I got to use my Canon dslr camera in abundance this week and was soo happy for the time and the results I got! It was just nice not to depend soo much on my iPhone camera as I have been doing lately.

 Couple of things I did different: 
  •  I also took the pictures of my PL pages with my dslr this week and what a difference it made! I think I'm going to have to continue to do so. I just have not been able to get clear pics of my pages using my phone camera and I tried some of Ali Edwards tips (other than using a white background) for shooting PL pages and I feel like it helped a little. 

  • The other thing I did a little differently this week was that I left the pictures square as opposed to rounding the corners as suggested. For some reason I was just really craving that clean, straight edge, and I feel like it just gave it more of that puzzle look and I love it! Not sure if that's how I'll keep the rest of my pages that way but these pictures seemed to call for that this week. We'll see.
So that's it! Week 6 is done and posted and I'm completely satisfied...Feels good!

Sorry for the length, but there was lots to share this week! Thanks for stopping by, and I am linking up to The Mom Creative to add my pages to the group. 

From my little corner to yours... Happy Valentines Day!!


Kelli @ WhimsiKel said...

Thanks for your sweet comment, Sandy! I love that you put the week title on the insert! What a great idea! And I started leaving my corners square this year, too, and I'm loving how it looks. It's so funny because when I was first introduced to PL I loved the rounded corners. And congratulations on your sweet new niece!!

Cami said...

That baby shower cake is BEAUTIFUL!