Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Project Life- Week 5

Ok, so I am behind a week! Not by choice or because of non-completion because this post should actually have been up last week, BUT because my computer crashed mid-week and I couldn't do anything about it until now. I HATE when that happens! :(

So I will be posting Week 5 and Week 6 pages this week between today and tomorrow. I thought about posting them together, but each week deserves its own post. AND I continue to choose not to stress myself out on getting these pages done by any particular schedule because I truly want to concentrate on enjoying this project instead of stressing. So here we are...

I kept them pretty simple this week, just getting in as many images to describe the week's events and as much journaling possible to detail them as well. 

  side by side

Project life is about including some of the daily things that may be totally insignificant to most, but that could be a big deal for you. Sometimes it can be a movie ticket, a label to something you love OR in my case this particular week...its a grocery store receipt showing just how much money I saved on this trip!  I love using coupons and having something that can validate just how much it helped me save...yeah, its going in the book! ;)  LOVE THIS!!
I also used a stationary tab to pull out the journaling
card about Danny's 1st Middle School Party
This weekend Christian was supposed to have a baseball game at Taft High School, but it got cancelled when we got there. So Chris asked if we could take advantage of the open/empty parking lot to give him a chance to practice his driving and get behind the we did.             
 And so instead of writing about that experience myself, I figured this would be a good chance to get him involved in this project! I think I'd much rather look back later at what he wrote in his own writing  since its more his moment than it will ever be mine, right? I will hopefully be doing this with all my boys, including my husband Jerry. We should all be able to leave our "handprint" on our memories...don't you think?

There were a lot of fun times this weekend to remember including a friends special 40th B-day Redo party, Superbowl Sunday festivities, and Danny's 1st middle school party that had a Game Bus for entertainment.
All great times!

So this was Week 5 and as usual I will be linking up at The Mom Creative and catching up on all the great samples the other ladies have to share.

From my corner to yours...Thanks for stopping by!

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