Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thanksgiving over stuffing waffles!

What!! Thanksgiving in January? Yes, we had Thanksgiving dinner all over again last night, but with a minor stuffing twist that turned out to be delicious and pretty creative.

This really isn't a recipe per say and there wasn't anything magical or back breaking about it either. I didn't have to make a full turkey, a ham or stuffing to get the same effect, although of course you could, but I happened to have all the pre-made items in my pantry/refrigerator to make this dinner feel like the a real Thanksgiving feast. Easy! Just like it should be!

I also happen to get this idea from Guy Fieri's Triple D show (Diners, Drive-ins and Dives), from one of the restaurants he visited and I couldn't wait to try it myself.  This restaurant in Syracuse, New York calls this "Jive turkey on a waffle." The gist of it is that once all the main turkey dinner ingredients are made they are all piled on top of a waffle made out of stuffing!

Yes, you heard correctly. A Stuffing waffle!! What a concept!

So here is what I did:

First, I began by warming up my waffle iron on the side.
In the meantime, I put the carving board turkey in the oven to brown for 10-15 minutes, warmed up the mashed potatoes and gravy, and then made the stove top as directed on the box.

Once I had the Stove Top cooked I spooned the stuffing onto the waffle iron, shut it and basically let it cook until ready like I would a regular waffle.

See It comes out all nicely browned and crispy!! 

You can make upto 2 waffles with 1 box of Stove Top which was just enough for us since the boys don't like stuffing, and I would probably do 1/2 a waffle per serving anyway.

Next I placed the turkey slices on top,

then I spooned the mashed 'taters next to that.

Then I poured the gravy over the whole thing...

Winner, Winner...a Thanksgiving waffle Dinner!!

I also added lightly grilled deli ham slices since the turkey slices were pretty thin, some corn, and
 of course you can add cranberries or any another favorite Thanksgiving fixin' you'd like. 
But one bite of it all together and O.M.G!!!

I honestly can't say enough just how delicious it was.

Here's an added bonus for all my Weight Watcher friends- Points Plus Values!
I actually went ahead and calculated the points for this dinner because I had all the information available for me to calculate it pretty easily:

Here's the breakdown:

Turkey (2oz- about 3 slices)                 2 points
95 % fat free Deli Ham Slice (1 oz.) - 1 point per slice ( I had 1 slice)
Stove top (1/2 cup or 1/2 waffle)      - 4 points
Costco Mashed Potatoes (1/2 cup)    - 5 points             (you can always make a lighter version)
Canned or gravy in a jar (1/4 cup)     - 1 point
Canned Corn (1/4 cup)                         - 1 point

Total points                                         14 points

Obviously you can adjust it to make them lower. You can have 1/4 of  the stuffing waffle and 1/4 cup of potatoes to adjust the points, and still have a very filling turkey dinner.  I also know its sounds kind of high but If you budget your points correctly throughout the day, these 14 points are totally worth every mouthful!

Jerry and I love watching Guy Fieri's Diners, Drive-in's and Dives (aka- Triple D), and some of his kitchen shows. We think he's pretty funny, and his shows are a lot of fun, but most of all we love it because we (or 'I' really) have gotten a few of our family's favorite meal recipes just from watching these shows and trying them out for ourselves. So I thought it be fun to share it with you guys.

Its always nice to get creative with our food presentation for the whole family to enjoy!

Hope you'll like the idea enough to give a shot yourself in the near future. You can't go wrong!

From my corner to yours...Happy Thanksgiving on any night you'd like!!


Unknown said...

Sandy!!!! This is an amazingly fantastic idea! Can't wait to try, with a little Cranberry jel on the side! Thanks!

Unknown said...

Sandy!!!! This is an amazingly fantastic idea! Can't wait to try, with a little Cranberry jel on the side! Thanks!