Monday, February 4, 2013

This Week...

Sometimes I have to look at my week's to do list in a different way to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

This Week...I need to structure my time to be more productive
  •  I have to clear off my desk 
  •  I have bills to pay
  •  I have to make phone calls for the family
Which means- I have to get off the computer...Soon!! ;)

This Week...I have to get things done around the house
  • I need to clean my bathrooms and vacuum
  • I need to do laundry
  • I have to hang some curtains in my room
  • Reorganize some drawers 
Which means- I have to get off the couch!

 This Week...I have some projects to finish
  • I have pictures to print and pages to do
  • I have some gifts to sew together
  • I have an assignment to complete 
Which means...I have to get motivated!


This Week...I have to continue to be active
  • I have to do my stretches 
  • I have to go on a daily 1 mile walk
  • I have to try to go to Zumba again
Which means...I have to put on my exercise shoes!

But more importantly,

This Week... I have to patiently wait for phone call that says- "Baby Jellybean is on her way!!"
  • I have to have my phone with me at all times
  • I have to be able to leave at a moments notice
  • I have to have my camera bag ready to go
Which means...I have to be ready to be an Auntie once again!!

But I am ready and so excited!! We are all excited this week as we wait for her arrival. 

Now that I can visually see what I need to get done, my goal for this week is that I can to get to as many of these as possible with a level head and hands at the ready. I want to feel accomplished and in control of the space which we all call home. And I'd like to feel like our home will be ready to welcome Baby Fea as well. (I just can't wait!) :-)

What do you have going on This Week and what does that mean for you?

From my corner to yours...May this week be a productive and happy one for you too!! ;)

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