Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Project Life- Week 4

Here we are at Week 4 and it was definitely a full week for our family, but productive as well. I was actually surprised to see how many pictures I had actually taken. So once again I had to do something a little different and I was thankful to have my variety pack of pages available to work with the pictures I had.

I will start off by showing you what my week looks like side by side first because if you look closely there is actually an insert in the middle!

Like I said, I had a few extra pictures by the weekend to add and this Design I insert allowed me to add 6 additional 4x4 pics and title squares to complete the look. Its a perfect little insert!

So if you look at each side with just the coordinating insert they look like this..

Left side (design A) with Front side (Design I)

Mikey's Lyrics above
 I used the 3- 4x4 pockets on the right to creatively coordinate some pictures about a moment I caught between Christian and Mikey as they collaborated together on a song this week. I also used it to include a copy of the original lyrics Mikey wrote (in his handwriting) for us to always remember. I would have included the video I recorded of his singing the song to me, but haven't gotten that sophisticated yet. 

           Back side (Design I)                                                                with Right side (Design A)

By Saturday night I had a few last minute pics that went perfectly into these 4x4 pockets about our Family Fun Night- Dinner at Ruby's as a family since Jerry's been working late hours lately and a good ol' game of Monopoly at home with Mikey and Danny which was so much fun and included the rolling of some digital dice. Go figure!

I really love all those cute calendar styles I see on so many other people's pages but I don't have any a cute stamps or already made cards. So I discovered how to make one myself along with my title for the week through a small process of print screens, a few edit tools and collage creating in Picasa once again. I loved it and I can do this again! I was also feeling all shades of the color pink last week so I worked that in to my pages.  I'll have to do a post later on the processes I'm finding I can do through Picasa to share.

I realized this week that my layouts are usually pictures that summarize the activities I've probably already shared either through my blog or FB and if not, they're pretty self explanatory so to summarize the week would have been redundant this time. So instead I took the chance to journal about the things I actually hadn't captured on camera, and it was nice to sit back and remember even some of the smaller details that made up our week.

One of those details included on this summary but I wrote about on its own 4x6 card was about meeting one of my mom's cousins that I had never met before. I love meeting family I never knew! Martha Luz was here on a very short visiting from Canada, and I honestly only got to visit with her for a little over an hour, but it was enough time to love her spirit and genuineness.  She's a cousin I'd love to see again and get to know her better. She had me so wrapped up in the moment that I completely forgot to take a picture with my camera to remember her by.  Hi Martha!!

 Final look with the back side of insert...liking the way it all kind of coordinates.

 So even though its only been 4 weeks since starting this project, I have been discovering new things and new ways to do things, the things that work and those that don't for me. But so far I'm really enjoying this process.

Again, I'm linking up to Project Life Tuesday where I discover so many new things to try!

From my little corner to yours...Thanks for stopping by!


packmom said...

Beautiful pages. I love how you journaled on the music note card. Lots of great little life moments caught here.

Cerise said...

Looks really great! I love that you added the song lyrics, what a fun memory.