Monday, January 7, 2013

Sandy's Little Corner...going Español!

Buenos dias everybody! Something new is happening to my blog...its going Español!!

But wait, Sandy's Little Corner (in English) is staying right where it is. I am just adding a different language to my blog that I have been trying to get to since last year. I've had my spanish blog opened for over 6 months, but just hadn't been able to get it off the floor. My concentration last year was just to get my writing consistency up for this blog first and foremost. There was no point in having 2 blogs and not finding a way to write in either. So now that I feel more comfortable with that I can try to fit this dimension in to my blogging plan.

The reason for doing my blog in Spanish is that I realized that I've been sharing my family stories, personal journey's and creative posts with all of you who can obviously understand English. BUT I have soo many family and friends near by and internationally who's first and only language is Spanish that I feel like I've been selfishly keeping them from sharing in the same moments.

Have I done it as to not include them on purpose...No, of course not! But now that I feel that I've learned so much over my few years of blogging in my main language, I'd like to honor what was originally my first language -Spanish.

So there is no better time than like the new year to roll this out.


Its same title just translated and I'll be honest I'm not quite sure what my exact plans are for it yet other than hopefully sharing some kind of translated version of as many English posts as possible. It may turn out that I end up doing something different all together, but we'll see.  Only time will tell and more importantly just how much time I'm going to have to do all of this including the other projects I'm diving into head first this year, but I'm "daring greatly" on this one myself.

In the spirit of my word, "Growth" and taking action to it, this as an opportunity to work on my growth in the areas of skills, both in language and writing. I have a minor degree in Spanish but  haven't really done or written anything much since my college days so this will be a chance keep that alive and hopefully perfect it in the process.
So that's it! I just wanted to let you guys know so if you're interested in reading my blog in Spanish or know somebody who might want to please head over to my esquinita (spanish for little corner).

Thanks so much and have a great Monday!

From my little corner to yours,

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