Friday, December 28, 2012

Henna Belly ... Last Foto Friday of 2012

I haven't done a Foto Friday in a really long time, but I have some pictures to share in honor of it being the last Friday of 2012.

My Sister-N-Law Casandra is about  7+  months pregnant at the moment and she wanted to surprise my brother with some creative and non-traditional pregnancy pics for Christmas, and asked me to take a few pictures for her.  Of course I gladly agreed!

She had done a lot of research on belly henna as a way to celebrate her baby bump, and found a place to do that for her and it came out beautiful! The one thing she insisted was that the pictures be more artsy and focused on her belly as opposed to them being portrait style.

So a few weeks ago we spent a few hours at their place and I had a lot of fun taking them and editing them was even funner! Casandra was unnecessarily hard on herself but she looked AMAZING! One could only hope to be pregnant and look like this!
So I did my best and here are a few of the ones we took...





 So Thank you Casandra for trusting me with taking these pictures 
and for actually liking them enough to give to my brother. Lol!

Serg, I hope you liked them and know that I can't wait to take pictures of Baby Fea too!

From my corner to yours...Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed these pictures too!

Happy Foto Friday!

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