Friday, December 21, 2012

A Big Brother and a 1st Shave...

One of the joys for me of being a mother of 3 boys is seeing them take care of each other in different ways. I have to consider myself very lucky as my boys are truly very good to each other and are very close.

My boys are also early bloomers and puberty has been proving to hit each one of them earlier than most of their classmates. So Chris had to start to shaving at the end of 6th grade. Too early for my book, but it was necessary. He is now almost 16 and can grow a full beard if he wished to. Danny is 13 years old now and has had a noticeable mustache for over a year, but has been avoiding the shave for fear of cutting himself. I haven't pushed either as I would love to hold him off from having to take on such a manly responsibility for a few more years, but as we all know, Mother Nature has her own schedule for all of us.

 So yesterday I was witness to one of those moments of Christian taking care of Danny. Where I saw Chris take the responsibility as a big brother to help Danny grow up a just a little bit.

He helped Danny decide that it was time for his first shave...OMG!

He offered to shave next to him to show him how to avoid getting cut, and Danny trusting in his big brother agreed to try.

Chris gave him step by step instructions

 Danny giggled nervously as he put the shaving cream on his face.

 But then concentrated completely as he watched his brother start to shave first.

Chris made sure Danny was careful and got the right techniques in

He made sure he got that close shave...

And voila...Danny had a clean shaven mustache!
Wow! I couldn't decide if he looked younger or older now, but he definitely looked... different.
He looked great! And felt great too!


He was so excited that he had gotten through it without a cut, and was grateful to Chris for helping him shave. He felt so grown up too! Mikey gave him a sincere "Wow! Good for you Danny. Looks good!" He waited for his dad to get home to show him, and Jerry congratulated him for taking the big step.

The best part of this was that Chris felt the impact maybe even more so than Danny. He quietly commented to me that by helping Danny shave, it made him realize just how much he and his brothers were all growing up, and too fast even for him.

(Sigh)....I couldn't agree with him more!


From my corner to yours... feeling very grateful and a Happy Friday to all!

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