Friday, July 13, 2012

Time for Haircuts

No big deal, but we all got haircuts this week. We were all in desperate need for one!
However, haircuts for this family are an interesting deal. Instead of my husband asking the boys to cut their hair off as you'd expect, the boys actually have to ask my husband if its ok to cut their hair.


Yeah, well, you see my husband Jerry grew up in the 80's when long hair was in for boys, BUT he was never allowed to grow it out while at home, and/or his business career has not really been the appropriate setting for it either. So he has had this unrequited desire to this day to have long, flowing hair.  The problem with Jerry's hair is that its curly so instead of growing down, it grows out to the sides. Not exactly long and flowy, but he swears he is going to have long grey hair in his old age if it kills him, but I think that will actually kill me instead! lol

Jerry doesn't really necessarily decide on the kids haircuts, its just become the inside joke of the family. When they get home from getting a haircut he always jokes about them getting into a fight with a lawnmower...Jerry's kind of sense of humor! Gotta love it! The kids really do need styles to keep it in order or else they look like delinquents, but I have to say that I don't mind their hair a little long on occasion. I think it gives them character!

Christian's hair grows back really fast and he was wearing a beanie everyday last week because he couldn't do anything with it. I have to say though, I really do like the beanie look on him too, but the his new short hair with this heat is much more practical.


Michael and Danny tend to deal with their long hair for a longer period of time, and I love Danny's long hair. He looks like a surfer when it first grows out, but its just too hot to keep it that way. They also need to look nice and sharp for their uncle's wedding, so I think we're good.

I needed a haircut badly as well. I don't get my haircut that often, maybe twice a year. Its been 6 months since my last one (as you can tell from all the dead ends, ugghh!), and I usually try to stay with the same hairdresser as I have a thing about two many different hands cutting my hair. But I recently won a silent auction at Chris's school for a haircut and blow dry at a place called SECRETS Salon and Spa in Northridge. I was excited as its also been a long time since I had my hair done at a really nice place so this was going to be a treat for me, and with the wedding coming up it was perfect timing.

The original hairdresser I was supposed to meet was on vacation so I ended up meeting Raquel, a young but very confident and talented hairdresser, and I was soo happy to end up getting my haircut with her.  She listened to my concerns about my length, and my style and she walked me through everything she was doing. She has a different method of cutting hair that I have never experienced and I really liked it. She washed my hair, did an initial cut, then blow dried my hair, and then after I saw what it looked like, I could tell tell her where I wanted to go shorter or different and I think it made such a difference. She was really happy with how my hair turned out as well, and since she is still building her clientele she took pictures of my hair for her portfolio. She is reasonably priced as well so I'm looking forward to going to her again soon.                                                                                             (click on her name above for more information and 'like' her FB page for her specials)

 I was really happy with the longer layers, and I was able to get rid of the dead ends and still keep my length. There is just something soo nice about getting your hair done. I'm set for my weekend.
Thank you, Raquel!!! Hope to see you next time!

And I hope to see you all again next week as well. We have a busy weekend ahead with a baseball game, a family reunion in San Diego we're looking forward to, Chris goes back to CSUN for his last residential week on campus, and our wedding Anniversary coming up on Monday. Its going to be a good weekend!

Hoping you all have a wonderful weekend!! Happy Friday!

From my corner to yours...

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