Monday, July 16, 2012

18 years and counting!!

Wow! We look soo young!  

From a platonic handshake in a CSUN hallway to getting married, and 18 years later...

Here we are! And what a ride its been...

Let's face it...marriage is not always easy or perfect. We've figured out that its not supposed to be! We've had our lower than than low times, but we've had and continue to have our awesome moments! We've made our mistakes, but we've learned to make some really good decisions together too. There have been lessons learned, and I'm sure we got a few more coming, but we have been through all of it together. We are proud of the life we have built together, and prouder yet of our 3 beautiful boys who light up our lives in too many ways to count.

We have learned that communication makes all the difference, and to this day we are still learning how to communicate the best way possible for each other.  Its not always easy, but it has honestly been the glue that has kept us together. Everything we have been through, good and bad, has gotten us to this point. We have grown up together, we have changed in different ways, but we are at a point where we are the best people we can be...together!

Jerry is...

My best friend
my partner
my lover
my rock
 my biggest fan

has my back
can make me mad
but he makes me laugh harder
he lets me be ...Me!
loves me like no one ever has or will

and I Love him more than he knows!


Happy 18th Anniversary Babe!! 

May God Bless us with many more happy years to come!


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