Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Weight Watcher Wednesday- Not giving up

Ok, So I can't give up! I know that, but this week continues to be a bit tough for me. After all the pushing myself to be on plan, working out to feel better and to get out of this funk, I weighed in today expecting to see some result and instead I gained this week. I don't get it! Ugghh!

Not sure what the HELL is going on, but please excuse me if I take this small chance to vent today. I'm frustrated! I'm down right now, BUT I will not dwell on it too much. Instead, I will also take this opportunity to remind myself that I can't give up.


I've worked too hard, and I ultimately know that all the hard work I put in will eventually show up and the working out is making me healthy no matter what. I'm in it for my health too!


I'm done with the griping
Thank you for listening
I hope that none of you will give up either...Fight On with me!!

Forward and onward...from my corner to yours,


Anonymous said...

Hey Sandy,

You're doing GREAT!!! Pat yourself on the back and please don't get discouraged, and whatever you do... DONT QUIT! Stay with it and you will see the results. Some days we carry more water, and water weighs a LOT! Try watching your salt, increase your activity, or change up the foods you are eating. Sometimes we eat the same things repeatedly (our favorites) and our body just adjusts to those foods. Your body can also adjust to a certain exercise plan, so think about changing it up. If you're doing cardio, add some weight training a few days a week. Make sure you drink lots of water - keeps the metabolism going, eat frequent small meals and make sure you get your fiber :-)

You are amazing, and you've come so far! Keep up the good work - others are watching you and they are inspired!!

Sandy said...

I wish I knew who this wonderful message was from!!! Please make yourself known! Lol! Thank you sooooo much for your encouraging words! I have just had a really bad week and I'm hoping it was truly just a funk I was in. Messages like yours are what keep me going and encouraged to NOT Quit! THANK YOU once again!! XOXO