Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Pinterest Experiment- DIY Green Onions

So I figured this week would be a good time post a set of pictures I took over a week ago based on a post I found on Pinterest about DIY re-growing green onions in your own kitchen. Not that I didn't believe it, but I wanted to try it out for myself, and I took pictures to document the process. I found this fascinating, and I needed to share. I took them with my iPhone, and I didn't take them with any special style in mind, so they're not spectacular but they give the story.

So here was the daily process:

Friday, April 20th
I started with a set of onions I had just cut down to almost the white of the onion.
I took the short stems in the glass jar full of water, and set them by kitchen window sill.

Monday, April 23rd
After a few days, I was shocked to see the growth

Tuesday, April 24th
Wow, even more just overnight!

Wednesday, April 25th
And it continued...

Thursday, April 26th
And after just 6 days I have a new stalk of green onion to use!!

Isn't that the coolest thing ever! I don't know, I thought so, lol! It was almost like a science project for the kids too and they loved it. It was just a fun and simple experiment to do, and one that I will be doing often.

So again, I just wanted to share something fun today. Hope you'll try it at home too!

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Tuesday from my corner to yours...

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