Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Motivations- Waking up on the wrong side

                                                                                                                                         Source: via Sandy on Pinterest
So last week I was totally pumped and motivated, remember?? Yeah, well this week is a totally different story, and I honestly don't even know why.  I should be feeling good since I actually kept my fitness goal.  I exercised 4 instead just 3 days, I ran almost 2 miles everyday and did one or combination of 2 of those different workouts. I was sore the whole week but felt really good. So cool, right?! Great!

But today! No...Today I am on the completely opposite spectrum! I woke up feeling down, unmotivated and not willing to do much!  It took me almost till' 10am to get myself going, and I had to fight myself tooth and nail to force myself
off the couch. I could've been there all day!

 Then I found this! This poster is soo true! Look closely and you'll see all the different words and feelings that running releases, and I was feeling many of them!!! My body knew it needed to get moving. I told myself I'd just take a walk, and I ended up jogging 1.5miles, and I am soo glad I did!! Running totally releases something in the body and the spirit and lifts it up! I needed to sweat out those funky feelings I had!  I really did feel soo much better when I got back.

However, I think I'm just having an off day anyway, we all have them, right? But I hate that feeling, so I'm going to need a lot more motivation for the rest of the week.  So Sandra...


                                                                                                                                                        Source: via Sandy on Pinterest

Yeah, Yeah!! Whatev!! ;)

Lol, I  guess its going to be a LONG week!  ;)

 I hope you all didn't wake up on the wrong side today, but if you did...I hope it gets better for you too!

Happy Monday from my corner to yours...

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