Friday, March 2, 2012

Daydream Believer- My tribute to Davy Jones

 Once upon a time, in the 1970's there was a 5 year old little girl, in Glendale Ca, who's favorite time of day was after dinner. She used to sit back on her legs, right in front of the TV to watch a show every night called The Monkees (little did she know she was watching reruns at the time). Nonetheless, it was a show that had the cutest boy with the cutest funny accent. All she knew was that this cute boy lived by the beach with 3 other crazy good looking boys and they all sang this music that was heaven to her ears, had crazy adventures, and on more than one occasion, a lucky girl (that she soo badly wished she could be) would end up falling in love with this cute boy. This little girl had not only fallen in love with The Monkees, but she had fallen in love with Mr. Davy Jones!
The face I fell in love with!

 The Monkees! ("My Boys")

Of course, that 5 year old little girl was me, and my love affair with Davy Jones and all things Monkees had begun!!   A good part of my childhood and teenage memories have revolved around him and these guys and I thank them for every minute of happiness they have given me.

Sadly, on Wednesday 2/29, my world was crushed when my lifelong love, Davy, passed away at age 66. I spent the day crying on and off as I heard the reports on the car radio, and amusingly received concerned phone calls and texts from friends and family offering their condolences for "my loss" as if I had been a long standing relative of Davy's. Quite funny and endearing actually, but honestly, as any starry-eyed fan feels about their celebrity crush, I truly felt like I knew him, like he had been a part of my life. In my mind, I had shared so many happy moments with him, "my boys," and  their music. Davy and the Monkees had touched my life in such a big way, but I didn't realize how much until I felt the sadness of his loss on Wednesday.

You can call me crazy, hokey, silly and all of the above...go ahead, I give you permission. But for those of you who know me well, I am willing to take any name in the book to defend my love for him and my Monkees!! I was the only one in my group of friends who ever liked them, who liked their show, their music (an aquired taste, I know). However, having said that, those closest to me were the ones who so kindly and generously encouraged my Monkee delirium with amusement and love, and for that I thank them with all my heart. (XOXO)

So that is why today,  on my birthday fittingly enough, I have been moved to write my own tribute to my Davy. I wouldn't feel like a proper and true fan if I didn't take the chance to do that on my own blog. I'm tearing up all over again as I write and listen to Monkee music playing in the background. That reminds me of  how I would drive my mom crazy when I'd listen to their tapes over and over again at home, in the car, as I would sing completely off key. Awww...the good O'l days, well I still do that but ...that's another story. ;)

I feel that in some way Davy and the Monkees have also defined a part of who I am. There are so many things that are a part of me that have derived from this connection with the Monkees.  I have a huge British Fetish. I love so many things British...Mary Poppins, Duran Duran, Harry Potter!! All things that have been big phases of my life too! And that accent!! OMG...Love it!!  Also, again, if you know me, you will know that I have a deep affinity for the 60's generation. To the point that I feel like I connected to the Monkees at such a young age because maybe I had lived in that era in a past life?? So did they find me or did I find them again?? Hmmmm??? ;)

Anyway, as I reminisced in my sadness I decided to go and find all the Monkees stuff I've collected over the years. Just sitting and looking through it all making me feel all warm and fuzzy and sad at the same time. Here are a few things I wanted to share with you...

This was the very first record I ever bought and the first Monkees LP I purchased at a garage sale for 25 cents!! It used to have the cover and to my dismay I clearly remember my mom throwing it away because it had ripped....Nooooo!! Oh well!
But as I pulled this out, my boys gave me the ultimate sign of the times reaction..."Whoa, Mom, that's a record!!! Wow!!" That reaction totally aged me, but it was soo cool.

In 1995, the Monkees were rejoining for a tour and came out to CitiWalk for a signing event. My beloved husband found out about it and dragged me out there because according to him, I had to meet them (God love him!) So I was terrified but I went and when I got to Davy I was soo star struck...I was speechless! I Regret not having said anything to him to this day, but soooo glad I got to see him and have this to cherish always!

My collection of Monkee LP's that I have. One still had a price tag on it, and this just took me back to when I bought them and going home to sit next to my old record player to just listen to their music for hours...Soo much fun!

  OMG! I found my supposed "scrapbook" before I even knew what that was. I laughed soo hard seeing all the teenage like drawings and the cut & pasting I did as only a silly girl, like me, could do.

 The magazines I've collected. I tried to get my hands on anything I could back then. 
Loved buying Tiger Beat and 16. Remember those??

My Monkees Inspired License plate
And I will end my tribute with the one song that I feel has truly defined who I am and why I love the Monkees soo much. They gave me my Life's Theme song. I am the Ultimate Daydream Believer! Hearing Davy sing that (to me of course, lol) gave me permission to dream and go where only my imagination could take me and believe that they can come true. A gift no one can replace!
 I love this song!


So Davy Jones, Thank you!! Thank you for making me a Believer!
 I will always love you and carry you in my heart!! 

Good bye my sweet Davy!!



Anonymous said...

Hey Sandy,

I too was that little girl in front of the TV watching The Monkeys. They were my first "musical group" and my first "crush" as well. I think I started watching them and listening to their music when I was 6 or 7 years old...very much a part of my childhood experience.

Thank you for sharing!

Debbie Hernandez

Sandy said...

Hey Debbie!!
Thank you for reading, and I'm soo glad you enjoyed it. Its nice to know I'm in good company in remembering them. ;]

Thanks for comment!


Anonymous said...

Hey My Friend......that was really touching!!!! I had no idea you had all that stuff.....THAT'S JUST AMAZING!!! For someone that has known you all my life, this is one thing I really had no idea of how much you were into them....go figure.

This was really cool!!!

Love you friend...

Anonymous said...

Your words are my words. I to had a chance to meet him and I did get to speak. It was in Pittsburgh 1986. He was such a lovely man. When I reached into my bag/purse to get my concert t-shirt out for him to sign all the contents fell to the floor. I was so upset and he bent down on the floor with me and helped me pick everything up. I know your pain and loss. Hang in there and know that you are not alone♥

Anonymous said...

I didn't get a chance to read this 'til now. While we didn't hang out when we were kids, just want to reassure you that you weren't the only one watching the Monkees 'reruns.' In fact, if I recall, my whole family would watch them until they were off-air.

What a sweet blog, my friend! Yes, you're hokey, silly, etc.....but it's why we all love you so much. You wear your emotions on your sleeves, and we should all be so fortunate to be that way.

Love you and never change!!
Lina G.

Sandy said...

Thank you Becky for your response, and what a great story. I've been soo happy to see how not alone I am. The outpouring of love for Davy has been soo uplifting, so Thank you for reading and feeling the same way. :)

Sandy said...

Thank you Lina and soo glad you liked it!!! <3

Sandy said...

Thanks! Well there you go, know you know...LOL! It was the least I could do to keep his memory alive.
Love you too Aige!