Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Weight Watcher Wednesday- The Anniversary!!!


Its actually been little over a year since I started Weight Watchers so its my 
1st Weight Watcher Wednesday Anniversary!!

As I look back at this past year and this journey, the first thing I realize is just how fast it has gone by. So I must have had some fun, right? I honestly did.
On one hand, it was a journey full of adjustments, frustrations, and disappointments at times.
 On the other hand, it was full of hope, learned control, proud moments and looser clothes!!

I have to say I am very proud at what I have accomplished over this last year. More than losing the weight I have proven to myself that anything is possible if I put my mind to it.
 I have been dealing with my weight since I was a little girl, and before this year, I just kind of figured I would have to deal with being a plus size woman the rest of my life because losing weight was just so out of my reach. Its hard to do, but I did it!!


My total loss for the year is 38 lbs
I have lost almost 4 pant sizes!!! (O.M.G!)

I could say soo much more, but I think I've taken you through my journey
 enough to know the ins and outs of my experience, but I want to share some pictures instead.

These pictures on the left are pictures from my 40th B-day party (one year ago this Friday).
 Thinking back, I couldn't wait to wear this dress..I loved it, and still do!
So, I figured the best way for me to see my change was to put the same dress on again last night,
  and have my son take a few pictures of me and compare them.

Ok, so there is a difference,
and it makes me happy to see it, but I also feel the difference in many ways. 
Not just in my clothes, but my spirit, and my energy!

But for me, I have so much more to go.
This process is NOT over!
My next goal is to reach WW Lifetime status and although I have some work to get there, 
 it is definitely attainable. I have to get there so I can keep those resources available to me
that will help me through those tough times and moments of weakness in the future.

In the meantime, I want to Thank all of you that took the time to stop by and read my WW Wednesday updates throughout the year.  I appreciate it more than you'll ever know and have felt your love and support through your comments. I've also been told by a few of you that I have inspired you to either join WW or to at least make a change in your lives. That's soo awesome!
Part of my goal in sharing these updates was to hopefully do just that,
so I am truly flattered and grateful.

As for the future of my updates, I will probably update on occasion but probably not as often as I have. And I hope to update whether its good or bad. Wish me luck!

Happy Weight Watcher Wednesday!

From my corner to yours...


Gioconda said...

Sandy you look amazing and should be so proud of yourself for your commitment and hard work. You are awesome!! Keep it up.

Sandy said...

Thank you Betty! That means a lot to me! Thank you for the encouragement always!! XO