Friday, February 3, 2012

Foto Friday- The Photo Enthusiast in me

Pictures have been a part of my life since I was born, and I believe they are the reasons that I remember my childhood so well. My family fortunately has many, many, pictures and that was all due to my dad. My father was a professional photographer who took pictures of everything and everyone that would give him the opportunity. I still remember that our family was his favorite guinea pigs for his practice and he would take us everywhere to get the shot he needed. We'd spend hours posing and he would say (in Spanish no less) "now turn left, turn right, lift your head, put your chin down, stand still, etc"....OMG!! I thought I was traumatized for life, and both my brother and I turned down his offer take over the family business of his photography studio because we were NEVER going to take pictures like him. Well at least not professionally.

Cut to 25+ years later... HELLO!!! Guess who's taking pictures??

...Hi! My name is Sandy and I am a photo enthusiast!  

How did that happen?? I don't know, but I'm chalking it up to delayed DNA that just recently decided to bloom and got me to finally explore this fantastic craft.  I mean I've been taking pictures of my kids and the normal family stuff (which has been the catalyst for my scrapbooking), but just within the last few years I have been exploring a different, more serious side of  picture taking that I truly enjoy and love.  I feel I have an eye for it, but I can't even remotely call myself professional. I also know that I am more of an abstract photographer than I am a portrait kind, and I am totally comfortable with that.  I have A LOT of practice to do, and MANY skills to learn before I can get there, but I definitely see that side of my dad coming out in me in regards of taking an opportunity to take pictures of anybody and everything.

So having said that, I hadn't picked up my camera in a long time, and in the spirit of showing what images you can create through a camera lens I wanted to share some of the pictures I've had the opportunity to take.  In December, I had some fun taking pictures at my Brother In Law, Bobby's 40th birthday party, and just a few weeks ago I was asked by a close friend to take pictures of her little girl, Shantal. (I've been taking pictures of her every year since she was a baby)

 Bobby's 40th- 
Casino Night

These are just a few of the kinds of pictures I like to take. They're not perfect,  but I had a great time taking all kinds of different shots of the tables.

Shantal's 4th Birthday



 She was obviously having a terrible time posing for me!....NOT!!!
She's a natural!

Again, I am practicing (hence my Feb. Photo Challenge) and learning to edit (which is honestly probably the hardest part of this craft), but all in all, the mission is to take pictures to create a variety of memories and moments to always remember for me, my family and friends.

I hope to share a picture(s) every Friday if possible after my February Challenge is done. This will give me the incentive to keep me shooting at least once a week.

Thank you for stopping by, and If you have something you love to do, may you take the time to develop it into something more.

I will be posting my first week's Challenge pictures on Tuesday, so I hope you'll come back for that.

Have a great weekend...from my little corner to yours,

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Lori said...

She's too cute!
I use my family as guinea pigs as well. I still have a lot to learn.

Thanks for sharing with us,

Sandy said...

Thank you Lori! And thanks for the opportunity to share! Have a great day!

My Captivating Images said...

I am laughing at this because I so see this being my kids in a few years! Right now they think it is fun to be in front of Mommy's camera (well all except for 1) but I am sure they will grow up to feel the same way you did. :)