Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Motivations- Week 6


~To create you need to have ideas, and when you have ideas
you need to write them down ~

Hmm...That's what pops into my head when I look at this journal. 
 That makes sense, right?

I love this journal! I need to find it or "re-CREATE" it somehow, 
BUT in the meantime I try to keep a simple notebook, or even an app on my iPhone to keep handy where I can write things down when I get a spark or an inspiration to make or write something.

You don't want to let that idea slip your mind or forget the feelings behind
your inspiration that will help you take that idea to its fullest creation.

I hope you have a favorite source or place to put your ideas and inspirations. 
If not, then you need to get yourself one!! YAY!

Have an inpsirational week, from my journal to yours...

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