Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Motivations- Week 5

  To steal or not to steal? That is the question....

I think creatively we all do. Its how we get inspired to do something. Pinterest is my source of "stealing." Have I mentioned just how much I love this site?? I really do!! It has become a place of constant inspiration for me. It is a place where the most unimaginable things are created and shared, and I appreciate all of it.

There are many things that I have been working on in the last few weeks, and that according to this poster I have "stolen," but in the same breath I have taken them because they HAVE inspired me, and have lit a fire in me to pick up hobbies that I haven't taken up in a long time. I have been sewing again, and taking pictures again, scrapbooking and even trying new cooking ideas just because of all the ideas I see. I've been inspired to create things for other people which is bringing me more joy than I can express. It is soo much fun to create something with your own hands and with lots of love and be able to give that to somebody else.

That is the purpose of being creative for bring a smile to somebody's face when they know you thought of them in what you've created.

I can't wait to share these with you throughout the week, but because a lot of my projects are gifts, I have to gift them first! Sorry, its only fair that they get first look, don't you think? lol!

So as long as ideas keep "speaking to my soul" I will continue to "steal," and give them my own sense of authenticity. I do want those that I take from to know that I honor their ideas and originality in whatever I make, and wherever I take my own vision of their creation.

Here's to some creative stealing, from my corner to yours...

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