Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Weight Watcher Wednesday- Week 50

Ok, so today Is one of those days to keep this weight loss journey real! Ugghh!! I'm frustrated and this update will be full of frustration so please bear with me.

Let me preface this by saying that I'm not so much frustrated by the numbers involved as I am with the logistics of this process. Let me explain....

The last 2 weigh-ins I've had have not been terrible per say, but also not great ones...well at least not for me. I've gone up .6 lbs in the last 2 weeks (+.4 last week, +.2 this week).

Again, I know in the big scheme of things this is hardly anything to complain about, and if anything I should be grateful that it wasn't worse. However, like I said in my preface, its no so much about the numbers as it is in the fact that I've gained two weeks in a row, and I'm afraid of losing control!

My frustration comes from the fact that its been exactly in the last 2 weeks when I have gone back to WW basics in regards to tracking my points, measuring my food, exercising (I've added Zumba to my plan for gosh sakes!!), and I've been drinking all kinds of water!

So I Don't Get it!!

I just don't! These actions I'm taking should be helping me, not what is it????? Am I going to start to plateau!! No, I can't! I have sooooo much more to lose! Ugghh!!

I have no clue!!! Dang it if I don't figure this out!

But for today...I'm grumpy, I woke up with a headache, I'm sore from Zumba yesterday, and now this!!  Oh, and to spite myself (because of course that's the grown up way to deal with this stuff)....I ate 1/2 a doughnut right after my weigh in!!! Uggghhhhh!!!!!! Way to go Sandra!!!  (yes, don't worry, I've already tracked the 4 stupid points for that mistake).

Oooohhh, I needed to vent! I'm sorry, but I had to. That's why I started these updates so that I can show myself that its NOT always going to be easy or go the way I want, or that I am always going to get away with my foodly discretions. It keeps me accountable! It is such a reminder of how truly a daily/weekly journey this is and will ALWAYS be.

Oh, well! All I know is that I CAN'T go back!!!  Soo...I have to move forward, its my only option. That will be my goal this week- To look even closer at what I'm doing, maybe be even more diligent, and just keep trying. That's all I can control, right?

Anyway, thank you all for listening and for being there for me through this up and down "adventure," Literally!

Have a wonderful Wednesday from my grumpy corner to yours  : \

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