Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Weight Watcher Wednesdays- Week 31

So here I am again to update you people...

I have been doing Weight Watcher for 31 weeks....and I'm happy to say that I am down a total 25 pounds!!

 OMG! Hurray!!

Its been a long time since I've seen this weight, and although its still higher than I'd like, its obviously 25 pounds better than where I was and have been for way tooooo long.  I am down 2 sizes, and have actually had to give away some bigger clothes. Unfortunaley, because things have been economically tight lately I haven't been able to replace my wardrobe yet, but I have been able to get into some of that long lost clothes that has been waiting in the depths of my closet for "that" day. 

Well "that" day has been showing up more and more...and it feels soo good!

And I want to make it clear, that I still have my days where food is just too good to pass up, and there are days where "No" comes real easy. Its truly a never ending process and the more I understand that, the easier it has been to keep myself motivated.

I have also hit some challenges with the fact that your mind plays tricks on you once you've hit a goal or two, and I don't appreciate all!  After my SIL's wedding, once I had gotten into that bridesmaid dress, and felt good it in it, my mind started to tell me...

"Oh, you're done!"
"You don't need to do this anymore."
"Look, You've got this covered and you don't need to lose any more and you wont gain anymore weight!"


So I told my head to "Shut Up!" and if anything its been pushing me to work hard to continue to be on plan, weigh in weekly without fail, and go to my meetings. This is truly when I need to keep going, and I will continue to work towards towards bigger and better goals for myself.

So thank you as always for checking in, and being there for the me during this process.

Have an AWESOME Wednesday everybody!

From my corner to yours,

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Nat said...

I was just thinking about you today. I'm so proud of you and I bet you are looking fab. Congrats and 25lbs! Keep it up Sandy and if you are up for it I want to see a before and after ;) love ya!