Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Weight Watcher Wednesdays- Week 34

I have a quick update today...and please excuse my excitement, but I weighed in today, and I was blown away with a 2.2 lb drop!! WHAT? OMG!!

So as of today, my total weight loss is....- 29.6 lbs!!

I wish I could say I did something out of the ordinary to get this loss, but I didn't.  I'm still doing some kind of exercise at least twice a week (that includes cleaning house for me). And I'll be honest about being a little lax about writing everything down lately, but I do keep a mental number of where I am with my points every day. Anyway, I guess did something right?

I just know that I am committed to this plan, and if I'm proud of myself for anything, its for the fact that I haven't missed a weigh-in in the 6+ months I've been doing WW.  I honestly believe that has a lot to do with my success. The weigh ins are crucial for me personally as I NEED to be accountable to somebody other than myself...its the only way to keep myself 100% honest on this journey.

I also realized this week that I have to stick with this now more than ever especially with the holidays coming up on us! It would be too dangerous of a time to give up now or to think I can stick this out on my own. So as long as I can, I will!

With the beautiful rain outside my window, its looking like a pretty good day!

Here's wishing a day just as great for all of you from my corner to yours...

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