Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Week in the Life- Days 5, 6 & 7 (Saturday, Sunday & Monday)

So this week came to an end really quick, and so did my brain power. By Saturday morning, I was no longer in project mode, but in "house cleaning/its the weekend/we've got lots to do but no energy to do it" mode. So I unfortunately do not have many pictures to describe our weekend except for the following few:

We decided that because Christian is starting High School in 2 weeks (OMG!!!) that we needed to go out and get him some clothes. Ok, no biggie! However, we also decided that we needed to go through his closet with him to sort through to see what he had or didn't have. Well, what was supposed to be a quick run through, turned into a 3+ hour project, that also included cleaning the younger boys closet to fit in the handmedowns from Chris.

 So its started off with piles...to keep, to give away, for the boys

After all the sorting we got his closet looking like this!
 And figured out he really didn't need all that much except for some shoes.

The rest of Saturday we spent organizing and hanging out, getting ready for my Sister-N-Law's Rehearsal dinner in Thousand Oaks. I took my camera, but never took it out of my bag!! Others took pictures, so I decided to sit back and enjoy! And I did!! It was very nice and we had a great time! Gaby and Jessie took the chance to say thank you to everyone in their wedding party, and Gaby gave all the bridesmaids this beautiful bracelet as a thank you!

Sunday will be summarized as well...
I took no pictures at all today! 
  • Went to Church
  • Hung out at home and watched Beastly
  • Went to my mom's for a BBQ and swimming with my brother, his girlfriend and niece
  • Had a great time!
That was it!

I got back into project mode today, its my last day of the project...so I tried my darnedest to finish it off well.

I woke up tired and drained, but pushed myself to go walking anyway. I felt great after so it was worth the push!

I made breakfast...

Pancakes for the boys...
            Bagel thins & coffee for me.

 I payed bills....I HATE PAYING BILLS!!! The moods in this house go sour VERY quickly on these days....UGGHH!!!

Took the boys to the mall to pay one of ours bills, and ended up staying and just looking around. It was a really hot day, and the air conditioning felt really good, and the kids had some fun!

I ended up having some fun myself as I went to check out the booth called "Shapes" where women shape your eyebrows by  threading them. Its a Middle Eastern method that has been long used to remove unwanted hair.  I was a little aprehensive at first, but decided to get it done as part of my 'beauty regimen' as I get ready for Gaby's wedding.

You know...got to look good!! :]

I was surprised that I got a such a clear shot, but this is what the
process look likes...

 The after shot....I didn't go too crazy, I just needed them shaped and cleaned.

After the mall we went school supply shopping, and Chris had football, and I got stressed!! Don't know why, just too much going on I guess. 

I went home, tried to relax and made dinner and looked forward to going to my SIL's house to watch the last episode of the Bachelorette with some girlfriends (Stop Laughing!!!)

I really needed the break, and we went to Menchie's for some frozen yogurt before the show. PERFECT!!!!

We commented, laughed, even screamed as the events developed and in the end had a great time watching it together.

I came home around 11:30pm to end up watching the whole thing over again with Jerry and Chris!! 
Can't say no to "great" TV people!! LOL!!

 Anyway, that was the end of this Week in the Life for me and I came up with the following observations about the project:
  • It was definitely challenging, but a great exercise for me in picture taking and blog writing. I had let go of taking pictures and it was a great way to get back into it. I also don't usually ever update on a daily basis, but it definitely pushed me to get it done. Now I know I can do it, and will do this project again!

  • I also realized that although I would love for people to enjoy my blog, but even if no one ever looks at it again, I need to remember that I am writing more for myself than anything. That I am writing because its my story, my legacy that I am keeping record of so that I can look back on it in the future.

  • I am also blogging for my kids. I email my blog posts to Christian even though I know he probably doesn't read them right now. But I have always thought that if one day I'm not here, the boys will know where to find this and be able to read and know who I was, what I was into, the things I did, and more importantly that they know just how much I loved them, and how much I loved sharing about having them in my life. Hopefully they'll see this as a gift from me to them. (I'm gonna cry...but I won't)  
There are many reasons why people blog... some are telling their own stories, some are making a living doing it. That would be really great one day, but all the reasons come down to the same thing...we are all sharing our passion(s), and that's all that matters.

I blog because I like to write, and I was told that one day I would be a story teller...Hmmm...maybe? Maybe I already am! It may not be a novel, but I could be practicing by story telling my life for now. Maybe in the process I will find my niche per say, or writing method? Maybe it won't ever come to anything. But maybe, just maybe one day I will truly find my way to writing that novel, or a book or something big.
I don't know...We'll see.

Again, thank you for stopping by and catching a glimpse at a Week in My Life. I am sure we all have similarities and differences in what we do, but the goal is for the memories that remain to show that we enjoy what we do. 

 To all the Weeks in your life...may they be great ones!

From my corner to yours....


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