Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Week in the Life- Day 4 (Friday)

Ok, so I woke up really tired yesterday. I was a hit and miss in all I did. I was really good about some things and not so much on others. I knew I was going on another walk with the boys...give them a chance to redeem themselves after yesterday's walk.

I started off with my making our bed....Organized, good!

Then I made breakfast... pancake and eggs for the guys, and I had my favorite egg and veggie omelet, a cup of coffee, and a Journey concert playing on the TODAY show's Friday Concert Series. Cool!!

However, on the not so organized side...I had no desire to do the dishes this morning!! NONE!
OMG!! They stayed this way until about 2pm after lunch! Bad Sandy! ;\

What I did feel like doing, though, was giving myself a little change...

Just a subtle touch of red amongst the dark brown. Nothing crazy, but I LIKE it!

I also went on another walk with the boys to the bank for work. Here is how this one went...
 Much different attitudes today!!

I decided to make the walk a little more exciting by playing games as we walked by counting how many blue and red cars we saw, and picking out which house they liked best on each block. It kept them occupied!

Saw these beautiful sunflowers growing in someone's front yard

We also stopped by our local Church and paid a visit to the outside grotto
where the Virgin Mary stands and said a few prayers in thanks. 

And we got to our destination.

There was no complaining today so I kept my promise and they shared a Slurpee and a donut.
I had 2 happy campers, that's for sure!
We actually took our time on this walk, and on the way back we stopped off at a yard sale, and tried to visit a friend's house (she wasn't home), and took pictures of these beautiful little flowers. I just love how they creatively overlap in colors.

So overall it took us a good hour, but it was a success, and now the boys actually want to do the walk
a couple times a week. Cool! We can make that happen!

We didn't do much the rest of the day except for going to the store for some groceries and getting some movies to watch.

But Mikey did surprise me by wanting to mop my floors for me. Its always a cute, and honestly my floors end up more wet than clean, BUT they get done, right? He loves to mop and I wasn't going to stop him...LOL!!

 I love that he know he has to ring the mop too!

Thank you, Mikey!

Thank you all for keeping up with me this week. Not sure how much I'm going to track this weekend, but I will probably summarize on Monday.

Have a great Sunday from my corner to yours...

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