Friday, July 29, 2011

A Week in the Life- Day 3 (Thursday)

I have to say that this project does challenge you in different ways. I have found that I have to keep reminding myself to take pictures, and what different things to take pictures of because I think we can all agree that most days are similar to each other. Also, a lot of this project is also making observations and writing down thoughts, observations, your favorite moments and your daily schedule to reflect on in the future.

So yesterday, I did something a little different with the project and my boys. Early on in the morning, I turned the TV's off and the electronics and made the boys read, draw and just kick back in the quiet. It gave me a chance to work and work on my blog to in the quiet too. This also gave me a chance to just make some observations and write them down:

  • Just how nice it is to not have the TV on in the background. The sound of a still house is very peaceful!
  • The kids had a chance to have to concentrate on themselves and the project at hand instead of a video game system. What a concept!!
  • I loved overhearing their conversations! They sounded like 2 little old men bickering and talking, and then complimenting each other on their drawings. Too cute!
  • I was able to concentrate on my own busy stuff going on in my head. It made me realize how much noise clouds your mind.

Around 11am, I decided to go on a walk down to the post office for work, and I took Danny and Mikey with me! I figured it was a good way of getting them out of the house, they'd get their exercise with me, and they'd get to see their neighborhood in a different light (always important for them to appreciate their surroundings). It was different too because I took my camera with me to kind of capture some of the things I observed as we walked....

 They didn't quite understand "Why" they had to go on this walk with me, and Mikey decided to take his time in putting on his shoes....
(Come on Michael!!)

I was ready to go!!!

                They had no choice!!
             We are on our way!!
 This is long road they saw...

And the puppy who was not so keen in seeing us!

Making sure they knew when it was safe to cross!

It was a little frustrating for me as I'm used to walking a lot faster than they do, so I had to adjust my speed and they still had to catch up to me. Oh, so the big complaining started around here! Can you tell that they're dragging behind me?  I took advantage and made sure they knew that they should be grateful that we were walking by choice!! I guilted them into understanding that there are sooo many people who didn't have transportation and actually had to walk everywhere they went! They looked at me like I was crazy! You'd swear I was making them walk through the dessert! Oh....The tortured souls (dripping with sarcasm of course)

 Our destination was in sight!! Hallelujah!!

Well after the post office, I had decided to take another way home on one of our main streets just to change up the scenery, and then take them to 7-11 to get a Slurpee or something to reward them for taking the walk with me. HOWEVER....their complaining persisted and I had heard enough! So I unfortunately, ended up getting upset and let them know that they had lost the privilege of getting said treat! The look on their faces...priceless  (I was upset and forgot to take a picture at this point!)  And walking right by 7-11 was torture enough...OH the lessons learned!!
  After all of this, Mikey made an effort to point out things he liked.

He picked this as his favorite car

And he thought Fatburger looked really good!!    
(It actually really did...LOL...maybe we can walk down for lunch next week??)

The boys also pointed out this house that has an extremely bright yellow fence in front of their house.

Once we got home, I made them aware that they had accomplished walking 2.1 miles in 42 minutes, so hence the High-5.  Aside from the attitude adjustment, they admitted the walk was a lot of fun, and really not soo bad!

Good! Mission Accomplished!

 And time for a big glass of water!!!

Later on I decided to treat myself to a wonderful little trip to Target!!!!! YAY!!!
( Enough said.)  :]

And then a trip to Grandma's pool to end the afternoon!

We actually ended up bringing a little friend home who lives near Grandma's for Mikey, but by this time the picture taking was kind of over for me.  We made pasta for dinner, and we didn't do much more. Christian was at a friend's house for the night, so it gave Jerry and I a chance to see the movie HALL PASS! It was funny, but not so recommended for the younger crowd, if you know what I mean. ;]

I realized today that this will be a neat post for the boys to look back on in the future. Glad I did it!

Happy Friday from my corner to yours...


Nat said...

I'm loving these! keep them coming. Thanks for the inspiration, I think I'm going to track my week in pics next week. I've been in a slump w/ my photography and need something to look forward to. Loving the boy pics. They are so big.

Sandy said...

Oh, Nat! Thank you! Just when I thought no one would care. ;\ Thanks for letting me know. Its been a fun and interesting project. Get out of your slump already. I love your pictures and would love to see what you do with it too! I honestly just realized through these pics how big they look too. Love my boys!