Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Week in the Life- Day 2 (Wednesday)

Wednesdays this summer....My typical Beach Day.

A typical 7am morning for Daniel:

I always pack a lunch and get the cooler ready to go with our favorite snacks. 

Going to my Weight Watcher meeting on the way to the beach
(BTW- up + .2lbs this week. Oh well!)

Danny's sly smile as he listens to Michelle's talk.
I twas soo cute to hear him giggle at her jokes.

I stop off at Starbucks after for a Misto, breakfast and to check into work


A beautiful day at the beach with the Counters and the Wrights

My go to snack at the beach

 A nice, cool temp at the beach

It was soo nice that I drove home with the window down

One of the things that I love the most about going to the beach is the drive home. 
Love the views and taking in PCH as the day winds down.



On  beach days, I try to make it easy on myself by having a simple dinner to come home to. So we had Costco chicken, rice and salad. Simple, healthy and yummy!

The rest of the night was spent watching my favorite show 

 Logging my food points

I edited Christian's summer project

 Our LuLu LOVES popcorn!

 And looked over the weekly adds to start my shopping list
Jerry came home and watched Mikey's favorite TV show with him
And both rebeled against the camera... LOL!

Honestly, I was really tired last night so I ended up falling asleep on the couch and the night was over.
Let's see what tomorrow brings.

Have a great Thursday, from my corner to yours...


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Loved it my friend!!!!! - Adge