Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Weight Watcher Wednesday....Update Week 23

Ok, so its been a while since I've updated my Weight Watcher Wednesdays. Why??

Well, let me tell you..
1.- because I felt like maybe it was overkill on the updates every week?
2.- I will be honest... I was having a few bad weeks in there and I didn't feel like talking about it!!
3.- Wednesday's have become my beach days with my boys and so I haven't really had the time or the energy to do it when I get back.

So anyway, I figured since I wasn't going to the beach today (I'm going tomorrow), it would be a good day for this update.

The last time I updated was June 8th and I had just finished gaining 2lbs. That wasn't good, but thankfully I've progressed, but not without my challenges. Here's the run down on my journey since then:

June 15th-   down -1.6
June 22nd-  down -1.2
June 29th-   Stayed the same, no loss or gain (phew)
July  6th-     up + 1.4     (ugghhh!!!)
July 13th-    down -2.8  (OMG!!)
July 20th-    down 1.0   (ok, cool!)

So my grand total lost as of today......-19.8 lbs!! YAY!!! I am actually .5 pounds away from my 10% goal and getting my cute little keychain from Weight Watchers. I HAVE TO HAVE IT!!! (lol!)

Anyway, it doesn't seem so bad when I actually see the numbers like that, but let me tell you that 1.4lbs I had gained hurt me like no ones business, and the poor girl behind the WW counter took the brunt of my anger that day...because of course my gaining the weight was all HER fault!!

Just kidding, I know.

Its all mine, and always will be because I make the choices I make in what I put into my body. However, that was the frustrating part for me. I had been pretty good, I was writing stuff down (kind of), and I was eating a lot of fruit. So why would I gain the weight?

Well, come to find out in talking with my leader, fellow WWatchers and reflecting on just how much fruit I was eating, I realized I may be eating TOO much fruit! How is that possible? Well, fruit as good and as natural as it might be also eventually turns into sugar, and too much sugar as we know makes us gain weight. So that was part of it!

The other part I found is that I was getting by on my weight loss without doing much exercise. Well that caught up with me too.

So since then, I decided to go back to basics like I was just starting out and I became diligent again about writing my food log down, weighing and measuring my food as much as possible, and looking ahead at menus and counting points ahead of time when going to restaurants. I also went back to drinking lots of water. Its easy to forget to hydrate.

I have watched my fruit intake by still making those my go to choices instead of sweets and other things, but I am careful not to overdue them either.

I have also incorporated more exercise, and for me its walking. Its just easier for me to do around my neighborhood, and I enjoy walking to my music and I record my workouts on this great little app I have on my phone called Cardio Trainer.  I am now at a point where I can walk 2 miles in about 30 minutes...which is not bad, and it shows me that it doesn't take all day to build in some fitness in my daily routine. I am trying hard to make it something I do at least 3 times a week. I also do it early in the morning and it really does help me feel productive and gets me going on other things I need to do.

So anyway, that's where I am at today! I am feeling good about myself, and getting dressed for the day is actually kind of fun now as I'm starting to fit into things that I haven't been able to wear in years. Just last week, I found the dress in my closet that I wore for my 10th Anniversary (7 years ago), and I tried it on, it fit,  and I wore it for my 17th Anniversary get away last weekend. It was a nice way for me to remember the occasion. Feels good!

So thank you for continuing on this journey with me, and I guess I just hope that maybe, some little bit of what I'm doing might be helping one of you out there on your journey as well.

Happy Weight Watcher Wednesday to all of you my friends!!

From my corner to yours,

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