Monday, July 11, 2011

My Weekend Get Away in Palm Springs!!

I haven’t taken a girls weekend away in oh….EVER??!!

In 17 years of being married it just hasn’t happened. I mean I have had girls nights out, and maybe a chunk of hours here or there with my girls, but I honestly have never made it a point to take a weekend away for myself. It just has never worked out, or felt right to do so. Honestly, maybe I just never felt like I deserved it.

I know, I’m CRAZY!!

But I finally did, and I went away for my SIL Gaby’s Bachelorette in Palm Springs with her and 6 of the Bridesmaids that will be in her wedding party. And I had the most incredible time!

There was nothing ordinarily crazy…but we did play some fun games and sent off our Gaby with some "special" gifts to enjoy (LOL), and we spent a lot of our time having some good conversations. I mean goooood conversations, (wink ,wink). ;]

We basically took in some Palm Springs sun, relaxed, did some girlie things and laughed….A LOT!!

Betty and Gaby, (Matron of Honor and Bride) welcomed us with these cute little bags for each of us. They were each initialed with all kinds of goodies like a tagged water bottle, pedicure accessories, a little journal, chapstick, a washcloth,flip-flops and hair accessories. Too cute!

In all that we were doing, I found myself being inspired as I napped and relaxed on an extremely comfortable chair yellow chair (forgot to take a picture...darn it).  I was reflecting on a few things and I decided to jot them down in my cute little journal to post so I could remember how I was feeling at the time.

Being out on this get away….
  •       I appreciated that I’m at a point in my life where I am achieving some independence for myself as a wife, a mom and as a woman….and that its not a bad thing!
  •           That although they still need me, my family will not crumble without me.
  •           How much I needed to get away and the chance it was to regroup myself so I can come back as a refreshed person for my family.
  •           I appreciated that this gave my family a chance to bond within too. It gave my wonderful husband, Jerry, a chance to hang out with our youngest boys, and he made such a great effort in making it a special Mikey, Danny & Daddy weekend! They did some really cool stuff too! And Chris had his first weekend away from home with a friend's family as well.

On the fun side….

             *  I appreciated how powerful it is to be with a group of strong women. I just felt this wonderful energy of     play wrapped with empowerment, knowledge, and friendship.

* What a good 15 minute nap can do for me!!

* I learned to appreciate the beauty and power of SILENCE….(Shhhhh...I love the noise my kids make,     but ohhhh silence is soo nice sometimes!!)

* You don’t always need to go to an expensive Spa to creatively take of yourself.  Betty made us some great DIY natural beauty treatments like a honey hair mask,clay face masks and body scrubs that we soo enjoyed!!

(I apologize for scaring anybody.. LOL!)

About friendships…

* I appreciated all the effort put in by the women who made this weekend possible and who made us feel sooo comfortable. Thank you Betty for all the love you put into all you did this weekend…it did not go un-noticed. Thank you Jen for opening your family’s home to us all and giving us that special place to always remember. Thank you Gaby for letting me share these girls and special moments with you.

* A beautiful setting can really bring out the magic in anything you do.

* I appreciate how important it is to get to know one another on different levels. How new memories can bond people and forge new and lasting friendships.

And one of the most important things I appreciated from this weekend was that I was sooo at Peace….
I wasn’t worried or stressed about anything or anyone and I was able to be myself. I will hold that dear for a long time!

I also appreciated how important it is to have written these things down.

Here's hoping you have all experienced a girl's weekend away at sometime in your life! ITS  A MUST DO!!

From my corner to yours…

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Nat said...

I'm so glad you had a great weekend! Sounds like a blast. And I totally agree a girls weekend is needed at least every 5 years. Maybe we should plan one for 2016 ;)