Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Monday Motivations....On Tuesday... Dedicated to my boys!!

This past weekend was a busy but exciting and very emotional for me, so I am taking this opportunity as late as it might be to catch you all up on my madness...so hence I am a day late on this post.

So as most of you know 2 of my sons, Daniel and Christian Culminated from Elementary School and Middle School respectively, and are both heading into very different chapters of their lives. I am soo proud of them for all that the hard work they've done to graduate so well in their class, and they've come such a long way... both for very different reasons. Yet they are both going to starting a new road, with new experiences, new people, new ideas that will continue to shape who they will be.

But they will forever take with them those experiences and friendships they've built up until now. So I wanted to dedicate this Monday Motivations (on Tuesday ;]) to them, and give them quotes that can celebrate and motivate them!

Source: google.com via Sandy on Pinterest

Congratulations Christian and Daniel!! 

May you be dream big dreams, be inspired and soar, 
and may your passions bring you a lifetime of happiness!!

With more love and pride than you can imagine,

 Love Mom & Dad

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Gioconda said...

So proud of our awesome nephews. Looking forward to seeing where life takes them. Love you guys.