Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Weight Watcher Wednesday....Update Week 15

Well, I didn't update you last week since I felt that .6 lbs wasn't much to update on, so I figured I'd wait until today's weigh in to give you a 2 week update. However, today I was also once again ready to face the bleak possibility of my "reality" because Mother Nature came early, and as most of you women out their know...that never fairs well on the scale.  Well once again, I have proved that showing up and weighing in when you don't want to has its surprises.

So last week, I went down -.6 lbs, and this week I am happy to announce another - .6 lbs (1 pound in 2 weeks)

So as of today, I have a happy total weight loss of  15.2 lbs!! 

YAY!  They even gave me 3 little 5 lb. star stickers as recognition!

I am very excited, but I am happier that my hard work and sacrifices are paying off. It continues to be hard to say 'No' to the things that I really would like to have, and I honestly have struggled a lot these past few weeks with this, but I keep reminding myself of the big picture...My healthy self!

I found this on Pinterest the other day, and its turned into a Weight Watcher saying, but it fits perfectly for me today...


Let me make it very clear- I am not skinny! And I don't intend to ever be rail thin either because I actually don't mind my curves (is that bad to say? lol), but working at and finding this new sense of "skinny" for me is tasting mighty fine!!!

May you all feel fantastic this week, and every week!

From my corner to yours...

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