Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Weight Watcher Wednesday....Update Week 17


Last week I had lost 1.4lbs and was stoked with that result, but this week was quite the opposite for sure!!
I knew it was bound to happen soon enough, but even then....I was NOT happy!!!

I gained 2 pounds this week!!!! UUUGGHHHH!!! So I am back to a total of 14.4 lbs.

I still can't complain since 14 pounds is still a great success, but its the disappointment on taking one step forward and now feeling like I'm 2 steps back.

I'm not sure what happened, or better said, I'm not sure if I want to acknowledge what happened!! Was this  a delayed reaction of the past few weeks which has included holiday eating and celebrations that has really affected my results this week? Or am I getting comfortable with the ways I'm doing things? The funny thing is that I had felt like I had gotten away with Memorial day eating with last week's weight loss, and so I became very diligent this week in making sure that I was on target and that I was honest and consistent in my writing down my food choices and points. So it doesn't make sense to me, but the scale does not lie!

I also haven't really been exercising, and I lost some control at a Teacher Appreciation Luncheon (there was all kinds of divine food) yesterday before I weighed in. It is hard to always be good!!

Moving Forward
As much as I know that losing and gaining is part of this whole process (I've been doing it all my life), and again I knew it was bound to happen, its hard to face the reality that its not always going to go the way I'd like. BUT, as I was kindly reminded by supportive friends, its NOT all about the scale and I have to look at the fact that I am still making good changes, and 2 control  is better than gaining 5 or 10 under no control!...Thank you, Lina!

I was also reminded by my Sister-N-Law, who is on this journey with me, that the week you gain weight is always a new opportunity to start over, try again, and do something different this week. This was key for me today!....Thank you, Gab!

This year for me is about Beginnings, a chance to start again, and this process is providing me many of those opportunities, Thank Goodness!

So after I vented, complained and whined...I got myself some fancy coffee, had breakfast and let it go!

I've realized that reality checks are necessary! I am moving on to next week with new focus!

Looking forward to including some exercise and continuing to be diligent in my tracking, and getting some better results next week.

May you all have a better week if you so need one! If you're having a great week...may it continue!!

From my corner to yours,

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Nat said...

Sorry for the weight gain but I'm so proud of you for sticking with it and looking beyond this week.