Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday Motivations- What Oprah has taught Me over the years!

This week for me will be an unusually normal and busy one in my everyday life, but Wednesday will be a day of celebration and goodbye for me! It is the day of the last Oprah show.. The final show of  a woman who has motivated millions of people through her examples of love, passion,hope and generosity. I personally have taken MANY life lessons from the vast topics she has covered over the past 25 years.

I just wanted to share some motivations that are similar to what I've heard/learned by watching Oprah...motivation through words and even style...Enjoy!


Oprah's Top 10 Book Club Selections...I have read 3 of those

Fashion Makeovers- Tory Burch on Oprah

She introduced us to Nate Berkus and his ideas

Source: via Sandy on Pinterest

            Thank you Oprah! 
               You will be missed at 3pm, 
                    but your messages will carry on within me! 
                    May your favorite Oprah messages carry on within you!

           From my corner to yours...


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Christie said...

I just finished watching today's show. She is such a inspiration!