Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Weight Watcher Wednesday - My Week #12

This last week was what I consider a pretty average week for me when it comes to food intake. There was nothing too out of the ordinary like back to back parties, a holiday or any other extraordinary excuse to overeat. Cool! So I was able to practice pretty good self control all week, and wrote everything down, which always helps me feel good about weighing in this week. And so it paid off…

I’m down 1.4 lbs for the week….for a new total of 13.2 pounds!!!

YAY! I’m stoked!! But wait…the week before wasn't anything like this week. And I may not have had this week's results if I hadn't weighed in last week.

Let me explain...

There are weeks that I am starting to call "Real Life" weeks. Weeks that include real life situations that include holidays and celebrations, events that aren’t always planned, schedules that are switched, things that you can’t always control, people and emotions you can’t control (umm…that’s code for me and my emotions ;), and there are weeks that I'm just off my game.

Well, Easter week was one of the latest ones for me.  HAVE YOU EVER HAD ONE OF THESE??!!!

Aside from other factors, the kids were still on Spring Break. Anytime the kids are at home during the week its a Real Life week, and automatically calls for extra food control on my part. Eating out, entertaining, last minute outings, movies…all part of this deal.

I was also planning a somewhat traditional Easter lunch that would include a spiral ham, mashed potatoes, scalloped potatoes, salad, fruit salad, lasagna (not so traditional), a chicken, and I was going to be making Easter rice crispy treats in addition to any desserts that my guests were bringing and there were more than my eyes could deal with!

I was out of control already!

So without going into too much detail…I overdid my holiday!! Did you??

I have a feeling I wasn’t alone on this one… lol! Easter is just one of those holidays…great food, candy and chocolate bunnies…Hello!!!...YUMM!!
So come last Wednesday, I was honestly afraid of weighing in. And I almost didn’t go to my meeting

The importance of Weighing In

I have made a conscious effort this time around on Weight Watchers to make sure that at a minimum I go to my meetings and at least weigh in. However, as I just mentioned, this has been the first time that I was actually considering not going because I was afraid that the scale was going to show me the reality I didn’t want to see.

I also joined weight Watchers for the accountability factor. I NEED to be accountable to somebody because being accountable to myself has obviously not been working for me!! It’s how I got here!! But skipping out on the weigh in doesn’t help out either. And I proved that last week.

Despite my fear, I went in anyway, and like a little girl in trouble as soon as I got to the counter, I confessed my eating sins to person on the other side, and declared my terrible week.

So I stood on the scale with my eyes closed, and waited. I opened my eyes as she pleasantly told me “Well, inspite of all of that, you must have made enough good choices the other days, because you’ve lost .4 pounds!”

WHAT??? EXCUSE ME!! Are you kidding?

My Dissapointment???

Great! Perfect! I should have been really happy. I mean to some of us its only .4 pounds, but it was a loss nonetheless, but I have to confess that I found myself being disappointed that I hadn’t gained the weight I was expecting? Ok, Really Sandra?? Huh??

I am finding that we truly put ourselves through the mill on this weight loss journey sometimes and I’m working through figuring out why I would want to sabotage myself with thinking this way.

So, I’ve come up with the idea that the guilt of overeating takes over us and tells us that we deserve to be punished by gaining the weight, and here I was being let off the hook, and to boot I had lost weight. How does that work??

“Why complain, Sandra?? You lost weight!” Yes, I get it, but I think I’m soo used to punishing myself that sabotaging an accomplishment becomes second nature to me. Have you done this to yourself??

So I had to take a quick step back, stop punishing myself for a few days worth of overeating, and I just said “Ok, I’ll take it!!”

“Better to have one bad week, than to continue to have a bad year, or two or three!” -  Michelle WW Leader

So in making myself feel happy and relieved with my results, I also realized that I had saved myself from the “danger” of the unknown going into this next week. By facing my fear and realizing that I had lost and not gained, it gave me a renewed hope and confidence in what I’m doing, instead of provoking on onslaught of subconscious overeating just because I “thought” I possibly had blown it. Hence, I'd like to believe, part of the reason behind my success this week.

That my friends is where we end up failing ourselves. We figure one day is enough to bring us down so why bother to keep trying, and that’s when we give up.


I proved that by facing reality, whatever that might be, good or not soo good, it isn’t always as bad as you might think. And even when the day comes that that scale will show that I have gained weight (because it will come!) I will at least leave knowing exactly where I am, and that tomorrow is a new day to start over!

Here’s to hopefully helping you start over tomorrow and to remind you not to give up on yourself!
Face your reality, turn around your downfalls, and celebrate your accomplishments!!

Happy WW Wednesday, from my little corner to yours...

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