Monday, May 9, 2011

Mothers Day 2011

Yesterday was a very special Mothers Day for me! It included my boys waking me up with a song Jerry had written with their help, (so cute and funny), I received lots of love, beautiful tulips and a set of highly desired concert tickets to the Monkees!! But I was also gifted with it being the day we celebrated Mikey’s 1st Holy Communion. So the day was set for many blessings!

As practicing Catholics, it’s been important for Jerry and I to make sure that the boys are brought up with a strong faith in God, which includes going to church every Sunday and receiving their Sacraments. So Mikey is the last one of our babies to go through the 2 year preparation necessary for this big day.

The Brotherhood of the Hand-me-down Suit
Just an interesting note on Mikey’s suit- The suit he wore is one that has been worn by his two brothers before him for the same occasion. It became a sentimental token like their Baptism outfit (also the same one worn by all 3 boys) after Christian wore it first for his 1st Communion that I had to put it away for both Daniel and Mikey. The interesting thing, however, is that I haven’t made any alterations to the suit at any point in time between each use, and yet the suit has fit each of my boys completely differently! Totally reminding me of the book of the Sisterhood of the Traveling pants.  Pretty cool I thought!

The Ceremony - It was a very nice ceremony and Mikey was one of 16 children in this small group to participate in the 9:30am 1st Communion Mass. He lead the procession of children into Church and was picked to participate as one of the children to bring up the gifts during the Offertory Procession. He was nervous but very excited and proud to be a part of it.

We weren’t really allowed to take pictures in the Church (hence no pictures of any of the above moments), but Jerry snuck this one during the singing of a song the kids did after they received Communion. They sang and hand signed this beautiful song which made me cry…I was soo proud! 

BrunchBecause it landed on Mother’s Day, and it was an early mass it made it a perfect occasion to host a small brunch to celebrate both special occasions with the family and close friends. But as I have mentioned before, I believe any size celebration is worth planning for.

So I did, and like with any party I plan, I start months ahead by buying things a little bit at time, ahead of time, so that it doesn’t all hit my monthly budgets all too hard (always one of my party planning tips).

I’ve made each of the boys celebrations, all though always small but as special as possible, and I love setting the ambiance and mood to make it that way. I had tables set, white curtains, fresh flower bouquet centerpieces that were also Mothers Day bouquets for my Mom and Mother-N-Law, and Mikey's Godmother

Loved the Blue bottle vases from IKEA (my new favorites) and flowers from Trader Joes

I love when I find great little treasures like these party favors at the 99cent store. Cute little Cross jewelry boxes and I personalized them by putting Mikey's picture, occasion and date on them.

One of his Godmothers, Adri (My BFF), offered to buy him a special cake for this day. But in grand Mikey style he sat us down and prefered that we make it from scratch (love that he loves homemade stuff), and he had very specific requests….had to be vanilla cake, 2 layers, with chocolate frosting in the middle, white frosting on the outside, with chocolate crosses on all 4 corners and last but not least, he gave us some apprehensive creative license to decide on a special drawing for the top of the cake!!! Well Thank you, Mr. Mr. Mikey for your confidence! LOL! So here is what we created together…

I think we did a pretty good job (although that was a process too),  and he was obviously very happy with his specially homemade cake! It turned out very cute and tasted yummy too!

I was supposed to take pictures of Mikey with the family when we got home, but we were in the house no more than 5 minutes and the dress clothes were off the child and the playing began! So much for the formalities of the day!

All in all, it turned out to be a really nice brunch for Mikey's special day and great time spent with the special ladies in my life including my Mom, my In Laws, and my girlfriends who are all Moms and who share this very special job we call Motherhood.

Thank you to all who shared this day with us 
Lots of love and admiration to ALL my Dear Girlfriends and Mothers out there!

Here's hoping that your Mother’s Day was just as special from my corner to yours...

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I love the Mother's Day pictures! Very nicely done. You seem to have a talent there. Thanks for having me visit your blog!