Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tackling it Tuesdays

Mondays are my day to kind of wind down from the weekend, start my work week over, figure out what I’ve got going on during the week in regards to sports schedules and appointments, birthday parties and whatever else I’ve got to do and when. So I do a mental calendar/agenda of sorts to get me organized and/or write it down on my phone’s calendar. Tuesday seems to be the day to get those things going...when I at least start tackling the things that need to get done for the week.

Whether they get done or not is another issue. Ugghh!

Tuesday is also the day that the new grocery store adds come in the mail for the sales that start on Wednesdays. I sleep, eat and breathe budgets people, so this is a must for me! This is when I figure out my shopping lists, and according to what I need for the week, I write down the specials per grocery store so that I know where to get the best deals. I have a special organizer that I write them down in, and then I plan out which stores I will end up going to on Wed/Thursday. As a side note: I have been wanting to figure out this phenomenon of extreme couponing to help me out with the shopping, but I haven’t gotten there yet and that will be a blog post in itself.

Do you extreme coupon?? Let me know how that works for you…I’m soo intrigued.

Anyway, the rest of the week is a combination of seeing my week through with the shopping, attending the kids’ sports events, and dealing with homework and school projects, and any parent meetings I might have.

Thank goodness, aside from our normally scheduled activities and work, this week will be pretty mellow for me after recovering from last week’s festivities. BUT in the weeks to come…I’ve got Christian and Daniel’s graduations to help out with, Daniel’s class trip to Catalina to go on, my SIL’s wedding shower to help put on, and as Team Mom for Christian’s baseball team, I will be figuring out end of the season parties and events.

The truth is there is always something to plan ahead and work on. Am I right?

What does your To-Do-List look like? What do you tackle on Tuesdays? Or do you have another day that works better for you?? Would love to know.

Here’s wishing you a productive week from my corner to yours…

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