Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Weight Watcher Wednesday

My Update

Ok, so its been 11 weeks since I started and last posted about my joining Weight Watchers, and I have yet to let you know how it’s been going. Well, let’s begin by deciding that since I weigh in on Wednesday’s that’s the day I will be updating my blog with my progress.

As of this morning’s weigh in…. I am down a total of 11.8 pounds!! YAY ME!!

Its not a whole lot, but hey...11.8 pounds is 11.8 pounds, am I right??!! It’s a healthy average 1 pound a week which should help me keep it down in the long run! I am down at one dress size or should say that I am now truly a size 16 instead of trying to squeeze into it. I really do feel the difference in my clothes and even in my shoes, so I am very excited and motivated to obviously continue on the way to more success.

How its going

So where do I start on describing this process to you?? As with any “diet” /lifestyle change, it doesn’t come easy, and after soo many years of not really trying any specific weight loss plan, it did take a bit of an effort to adjust to some of the changes. It has been a true reality check as to how much food I was consuming in one day once I made portion control changes. What we think may be 1 cup of cereal really turns into 2 or 3 cups!!! I think as foodies we try to trick ourselves into thinking “Oh that looks like a good size portion” and the truth is we’re totally off the mark.

Some of the changes I’ve made…

Measuring my food- In addition to the portion control changes which are an absolute and obvious must in this process, I had to truly start measuring and weighing my food. This is very tedious, but I have learned that it has kept my portions in check and I believe this has been one of the strategies that have helped me lose the weight so far.

Tracking my food- Another thing that has helped me is keeping track of what I’m eating. I have never been a fan of doing this, but Weight Watchers has made it soo much easier to do that, and this was one of the reasons why I decided to join again. They have website tools as a member that helps you track your weight, your food and your overall progress. I love these e-tools!! I work at my computer for a good part of the day, so accessing these tools is a breeze for me and it gives me no reason not use them…so I do!

This screen allows you to enter many varieties of foods that it will look up for you automatically for points values, or you can enter the specific carb, protein, fat, fiber count and calculate the points for you and then enter them for your day’s totals. And you can keep track of your favorite foods on the right… I can keep going, but I’m sounding like a commercial for them at the moment. LOL!

The point is…that it’s worked for me, and I can only hope that it continues to do so.

Mental Changes

Most of the changes I have had to make are mental ones I’ve had to make. Those have honestly been the hardest. I have had to change my mentality from a “how long do I need to do this for?” to a “this is a long term change” mentality….Not easy adjustment as I found that it is hard to think long term when you’re being pulled by food in real life situations. There are also weeks where I am focused, content and have the good attitude, but there have been some weeks (a good majority of them) where I am just angry and annoyed because I can’t have what I gosh darn please. There are days when I am just hungry all the time!!! Which only leads me to frustration and temptation to just throw in the towel, but somehow I get through it.

I am still learning and figuring out which menus work best for me at what times so that I avoid these hunger pains, and I am learning to make other choices to satisfy the false hunger pains. This is getting a bit easier for me, but sometimes I have to deal with it on a day to day basis…like any other addiction!! OUCH!! That was a reality check right there! Food IS an addiction, and its soo hard to control when it tastes soooo good! But thankfully with Weight Watchers I’m am still learning to eating the foods I like, in smaller portions, and losing the weight.

Being open about the journey

Being able to talk about this also helps, and works kind of like food therapy for me. So I appreciate you listening. I can only hope that I am helping some of you with the same struggles to at least let you know that you’re not the only one going through these. For me, knowing that I have family and friends on this program and fully supporting me on this journey has helped me go to them for support when I’m feeling down too.

Are you trying to lose weight? What is working for you? What changes have you had to make??

Let me know. I’d love to learn what works best for you. We’re here to support each other.

Here’s wishing you a healthy WW Wednesday from my corner to yours!


Just Jewelry by Nora Janine said...

Hi Sandy - Found you on the moms blog network and saw you were looking for followers. Here I am. Buena suerte with your blog. It looks nice. I like the ww post - well done.

Sandy said...

Hi Nora!! Thanks soo much, and I'm following yours too. Loving your layout! Buena Suerte as well! :]