Monday, April 25, 2011

Can Anyone Relate to this??

The clean dishwasher load from Easter Sunday dishes 
at 7:25pm still not put away.

My kitchen sink at 7:30pm. 
Clean dishes from breakfast on the left...
Dishes on the right from lunch and start of dinner...

The dishwasher empty at 7:50pm

Earlier said breakfast dishes put away and lunch dishes done...8pm

Empty dishwasher full of dinner dishes again...8:50pm

Does it ever end???

Just had to wonder if anyone could relate to washing dishes 
3 to 4 times a day? 

Here's waking up to a dishless sink....

From my kitchen corner to yours,


1 comment: said...

New follower over from mom blog network. I have a teen, tween and toddler. I can so relate to them dishes my sink was overflowing this morning as usual my first thing to do load and unload the darn dishwasher. How fun!

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