Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Things that make you go....hmmmm?

Is it possible to have lived a previous life?? Is there really such a thing as reincarnation?? The coming back as a new person to start a new life of sorts, right?

I don’t know. What do you think??

I have always been considered to be an old soul of sorts by many people including my husband. This has been witnessed by my not so normal choice of music for a girl who grew up in the 80’s that includes a huge love for The Monkees from the time I was 5 years old, and for connecting deeply to all music from the 60’s, and an odd fetish for all things British. I am in my element with all these things, and when I listen to this music it even makes me nostalgic to the point that I feel like I have lived through that music before.

I have always wondered to myself why I have this connection. How do people really find themselves attracted to particular music, things, people, etc…Is there something more to this?

Who knows, but I half joke with people lately in related conversations that my love/connection with this music is soo much so that I somehow believe that I was probably a teenager in the 60’s, was probably a gogo girl at some point, died in 1969 and came back in 1971 just 3 years later.

Really, Sandy?? Yes, really!! LOL!!

So just recently, I am having this conversation with a new friend, Lisa, who along with her husband Alex, was introduced to us by our dear friends, Jen and Geoff, and at the latest Counter get together, we start talking about music likes and dislikes, about the 60’s and our stories are becoming similar and then I tell her out loud my theory about myself, when she looks at me with big eyes and in so many words says to me, “OMG! This is soo weird but I feel like I died in 1969 too!!!” WHAT??!!! OMG!! Seriously?! Is there really somebody right in front of me who gets me!!!! It was such a weird moment for both of us, it left us all tingly inside, and yet we both knew it was possible. I will spare you the excitement that ensued between us as we were being looked at oddly by Jen, my husband, and another friend who all giggled and nodded nervously and were nice enough to amuse us by listening to our conversation.

We both left that day knowing we had made an interesting yet exciting connection as friends and had coffee together just last Thursday to discuss this idea that we share of a possible past life and what we think that might have been like for both of us. Had our paths crossed back then? Were we friends at one point? Soo many questions really, but all we knew at the end of our conversation is that we were definitely meant to meet up again in this lifetime. (Thank you, Jen for the intro)

I will spare you once again the details of our conversation because we both agreed that this was a selective conversation to be had with a selective audience as we understand that not everyone is open to understanding this craziness.

My point in all of this.... is that it really opened up the question in my mind about how real is reincarnation and/or the idea of having had a past life. Is it really possible? I haven’t figured that out yet, and honestly I don’t know how far I want to dive into it, but I have been told that if this is true, the person you are today is made up of the different traits you have brought forward from your past lives. That is FASCINATING to me!! And I have a really hard time not seeing the possibility of that being true.

My old soul quirks and fetishes I have mentioned are such a big part of me, and I do wonder if I brought these things back from the past. Either way, I’ve really come to like those things about myself. It’s what makes me different, it those things that have made me just that…ME!

Again I ask you…What do you think? Do you agree? Do you have similar feelings about your connections with certain things? Are you open enough to that discussion? Channeling Linda Richman here, but… I’ll leave you with this topic…Talk amongst ya’selves…Discuss!

To Lisa, my new, “old” friend…thanks for sharing the magic! OX

From my little corner to yours…

Lots of love and peace,

Sandy ;]

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