Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Word for the Year 2011


So I’ve been picking a word for the year, oh lets say, for the past 3 years, and I was initially inspired to do so by my Sister-N-Law, Betty (Thank you, B!). It was working for her so why couldn’t it work for me, right? And I have to say that it truly has helped me see each year in a particular context. I have learned to really spend time thinking about this and deciding on a word that will fit. It helps to think about what is up and coming, how I’m going to see things and what to focus on. To always keep that word present in what is happening in my life and then be able to reflect on it.

So my word is BEGINNINGS

Defined as the time or place at which anything starts…which is what I figured out is the definition of what this year will be for me. This word takes on many meanings for me… a time to start something new, to start over, putting things into action.

This year is full of beginnings for me…

I will be turning 40!! And what a great number to start a new century in my life with! Bring it On!

I am planning to start Weight Watchers again…A time to start over and get back into getting healthy for Me. To begin feeling good and better for many reasons.

My Michael is doing his First Communion this year…a time where he begins to put his faith into practice with our help.

My Sister-N-Law, Gaby, is getting married this year, and I along with my family will be a part of celebrating that beginning of her life! Soo excited for her!

They say that a beginning comes from an end….both Daniel and Christian will be graduating from Elementary School and Middle School (respectively) this year. Hence, they will both be beginning new important chapters of their lives, and I will be living those through them as I watch them start that part of their lives. OMG!!!

These are only the few beginnings that I’ve pointed out for this year so far, but they were enough to figure out that this word made a lot sense… it fell into place for me, easily. I know there will be more that I will be experiencing, and hopefully writing about throughout the year. I just hope you’ll be there to experience them with me.

"Beginning is not only a kind of action. It is also a frame of mind, a kind of work, an attitude, a consciousness. " ~ Edward Said

A word to live by…for me!

Many happy beginnings to all of you!

From my corner to yours,


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Gioconda said...

this was so lovely. hooray for beginnings.