Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Recap of 2010 (part 2)

This 2nd part is a bit compacted but here it is...

On the bright side of things and of course as everybody knows life continues to happen and there were soo many other moments that I experienced throughout the year with my kids, my husband, my family and friends. However, every moment since then has been experienced hopefully to my fullest and I’ve been thankful for all of them, good and bad.

I will try to touch on as many as I can…..

I had some great moments watching my boys play sports, but I had difficult moments realizing that although my kids are not perfect in all they do, people and coaches aren’t always fair, and that standing up for our kids is what we have to do.

I had some great moments at the beach again this summer!! I thank my beach partners in crime for giving me those chances to sink my toes in the sand, have adult conversations and to share the thrill of our kids enjoying themselves to the fullest in sand, water and sun (and in some rain this summer). The beach has truly become a place of peace for me.

I have had some individual moments with each of my boys in realizing that they are growing up!!
I had a moment with Michael one morning, and realized that he is my last baby, that he is NO longer a baby, and that next year he will be the only one in Elementary school and that makes me sad! I am realizing that he this dynamic little boy to say the least, and that he has been gifted with the creativity bug like me, “cursed” with heavy hands around his toys (I keep telling him God gave him those special hands for a special reason), and with a heart of gold for those he loves and he definitely loves his Mommy!

I’ve had moments with my Daniel where I am realizing that he is hitting his pre-teen years, that he is getting a witty and sarcastic personality, that he is getting moody and more importantly that to see those things especially in him are exciting and normal reactions to life that we, to some extent, encourage and have been looking for in him. I am realizing that he will be going to Middle School next year and as scared as I am, I think he is ready and can handle this challenge. It can only help him deal with real life settings in his future.

I’ve had moments with Christian this year that have blown me away as to how mature, wise and soulful my son is. I have had moments of feeling like he is growing into himself right in front of me, and moments where he is still truly such a teenage boy. He is heading into high school next year and seeing him through that decision making process was very enlightening and showed me there are times that we don’t give our kids enough credit for knowing who they are and how they’re going to get what they want out of life.

My husband and I have had to share many sad moments together as well as some beautiful moments and relationship building moments this year. In this recession, we've had to stick together and hold on to our faith even more so now than ever, so that these economic times do not cause any more conflict than necessary.It has proven to be a special year for us of growth and love and finding peace within ourselves to be the best and most honest selves for each other as well. We may still have those difficult moments but we’re definitely learning how to get through those and staying strong.

I have had some great moments with my friends this year, and my best friends have proven to be there for me through thick and thin. I have developed some amazing new friendships, I’ve built up some old friendships and made them closer, and Facebook has of course helped me to reach out to and maintain contact with many of those friendships I’ve made throughout my life. However, in the same breath, being what I consider to be a very loyal friend, I’ve had to lose the fear and realize, especially this year, that some of those friendships are here to stay, some are ever-changing and some will come and go as they are meant to be. We all have these kinds of friendships, and It’s totally ok. I realize that now! But I can now look at all my friendships, and be thankful for all the great moments and gifts they have given me and hopefully I have given to them throughout my life, hold them dear, and smile! 

Some of the important moments for me personally have been as simple as those where I have felt like I’ve succeeded at not making a big deal out of something, or knowing when and how to avoid a stupid fight because some things have not been worth it, when I pushed too hard to get my point across and made things worse. When I’ve made a stand for myself and what I need from people especially those I love, when I have felt the strongest at being me or have been ok with just being me. Moments I have felt that I have done my best as a mom, when I have given my boys their space and have actually been rewarded with only more of their love. Moments when I realize that I could have done some things differently for them. Moments, when I have realized that I have still have a lot of work on how to be a daughter who understands and chooses not to have conflict with her mom because she may not always have her around. Moments when I realize that I can still be a fragile girl inside.

In general…Moments when I realize that I am still growing up!!

It’s a new year and I realize that the word Moments will be forever attached to whatever I’m doing in life. It’s a word that can’t be discarded from my yearly vocabulary because they are forever happening. Like I’ve said before good and bad, happy and sad…they are all Moments to make me the person I am supposed to be. Boy did I EVER get that lesson this year!

Thank you Life!

From my little corner to yours….Here is wishing you forever Moments!!!


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