Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Word for the Year 2010...

I've been thinking back to the last few weeks and this word just seems
to fit my life right now.
Moments....Because we all have them right?
Good ones, bad ones, sad ones and happy ones...and I've had a few of
each of those already...haven't you?But I've been thinking about it and realized that our life... has been made up and written around all the moments that I've had in my life. They're not all going to be good and yet they're not all going to be bad...some are totally going to be beautiful and some are going to be dramatic and life transforming, and in the end I am thankful for all of those moments because they have made me who I am today.So I can't wait either way to see what moments await me. I have already had some extremely special moments this year and the ones that haven't been so much, I have grown enough in the last few years to know that they will bring me some meaning at some other point in time.
They will all come together to make my year what it will be
and give me memories to grow on!
Here's wishing everybody your own set of MOMENTS for 2010!

Happy Weekend everybody!!

Love, Sandy
-from my little corner-

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Nat said...

You've been nominated for the "Honest Scrap" award!