Friday, January 1, 2010


I can't believe I haven't updated my blog since my birthday post (March 2, 2009), literally 9 months ago...pathetic! It was such a goal of mine to blog all year long and obviously my real life and all the time it entailed won over and I didn't blog again...until now.

Honestly, part of me thought well why start now...there's soo much to catch up on, but then if I don't blog again didn't I just give up on my goal??? Yeah!! I couldn't do that-I'm not quitting!

So here I am on New Years Day 2010 writing to keep this goal going..."better late than never" so they say.

2009 was a year of soo many things....some good, some not soo much, some stressful, some of much hope and growth.... however, I will say that I am glad 2010 is here!

I would love to detail all that I experienced in 2009 and even a summary would entail some detail so I am going to try to just bullet point some of my highlights for you:
  • After a few years of personal growth and soul searching I finalized a good place for myself
  • It feels good to know that not only am I giving off a much happier aura but that I'm feeling it too!!
  • I learned how to deal with the all so stressful economy this year by coming up with some creative and strategic solutions to keep my family fed, well supplied and entertained on a TIGHT budget.
  • The weekly grocery ads have become my friends! I study them well! :]
  • The summer was a time of much discovery for the boys and myself- a time to do new things with new friends- we had a great summer!
  • Christian continued his musical journey and has blown us away with his musical ability and was able to perform on stage more than a few times with his band High Voltage- what a dream come true for a 12 year old (and his parents) :]
  • I also went on to complete one of my dreams of dancing and performing. I performed in June with my tap class in 2 shows and as awful as the costume was I was very proud of myself for going through with it! Soooo much fun and so fulfilling! I did it!
  • We discovered the beach!!! The boys hadn't ever really been to the beach because I just thought it be too unsafe and too complicated of a day trip to deal with. Soooo not true! We have some of our most memorable moments from those trips- We're hooked for this year!
  • Christian officially went through puberty this summer, started shaving this year, and is officially taller than me! He is only 12!
  • As a family we continued to enjoy Concerts at the Park this summer! We soo enjoyed spending Sunday afternoons as a family this way...and it was FREE!!!!
  • 4th of July in San Francisco and a Disneyland weekend for Danny's Birthday were our vacation highlights this year! Both with too many memorable moments to mention right now, but don't hesitate to ask me later!!
  • Jerry and I took a Marriage 101 class this fall that has honestly been one of the best things we have done for ourselves and for our marriage. Our faith, commitment, hope and lots of love have blossomed tenfold for us due to that experience and we recommend it as a must do for all couples!
  • My love for photography has also blossomed and I have continued to practice my skills and I have learned sooo much and I love to take pictures!
  • I have also experienced the joy of cooking/baking sooo much over this year and have experimented with soo many new recipes that I can honestly say I am becoming a heck of cook if I don't say soo myself! My hubby and kids say so, so I guess that's all that matters right!
  • Eating out is becoming somewhat of rarity for us and I'm soo proud of that!
  • Facebook became a huge facination and such a great way to keep in contact with friends old and new- Love it!
  • I can say a highlight for me this year has been the blessing of seeing my 3 boys start a new year in school and see them make great strives both academically and socially.
  • I continue to be blessed to be working part-time
  • There's been a lot of family bonding going on through the love of music- Jerry and Christian have been playing guitar together and Danny is now singing with them and Mikey is showing promise as a future drummer!
  • Will I be managing a rock group soon?? Who knows!
  • Jerry's business has been stressful but so grateful to have a husband who continues to see the big picture and works hard to do the best for his family!
  • We have made a commitment as a family to participate more in our Church and its community by getting involved and serving where needed.
  • Lastly, Our family has gone back to basics this year- with God leading our way, we know we don't need a heck of a whole lot to be happy and being together with our family and friends is all that counts!

Well so much for just a few highlights, huh...but with 9 months to catch up on, I'm sure there are things that I'm missing. However, for now these are the things standing out in my mind at the moment (2:25am to be exact).

To finish off 2009, I go back to to the word I picked for this year...


I was inspired in soo many different ways this year and feel blessed for having been able to add to my life through those inspirations. I know I will continue to be inspired by new people and new things and can't wait to see what those will be in 2010.

Thank you to those who took the time to read and comment and on the few blog posts I made this past year. I was touched to hear that you enjoyed them and that some of you got inspired yourselves- I can only hope to continue to do so and I hope that more of my friends out there will join me this year in my little corner!

Here's wishing you all



Big Hugs and Warm Smiles,

Love- Sandy

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