Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Weight Watcher Wednesday 2015...keeping it real

Welcome to 2015!

Its a new year and it comes with a clean slate. Right? Right! Please say 'yes' because I really need one. Don't you?

And I'm going to keep it real...very real! This past holiday eating season sucked big time!

Do I hear an 'Amen!'?
The truth is that since I got back from our vacation back in September, I have been struggling to get my eating habits back in order.  The horror! Then all of a sudden the holiday eating season began so yes, its been somewhat of downhill or should I say an uphill (on the scale) battle.

But honestly how does one fight through Halloween candy, weekly birthdays, cake/cupcakes, turkey and fixins', 7 nights of novenas (and other people feeding you), tamale making parties,  holiday parties, more tamales, homemade desserts (the best!), Xmas dinner, New get the picture.

I know, I know! I could of said 'No.' I could have stopped myself from grabbing the extra chips and dip or the extra piece of chocolate caramel bark (drooling), but I didn't! I have only myself to blame and I know that I am the only one responsible for what and how much I eat. Having said that though, I can't really say that I regret every single indulgence I've had over the last few months. People, I'm still a foodie!! Really, even after 4 years of this journey, I still love me an occasional binge of some really good food. Its life, its real, it all of us.

So yes, I've gained a few more pounds than I'm willing to admit, and that's even with me weighing in every week. I still have yet to miss a weekly weigh-in because I am still more afraid of not knowing the truth than to pretend its not happening. So just imagine the damage I could have done to myself if I had not.  Its been controlled chaos to say the least.

I had a text conversation with a friend recently about this and one of my texts to her said,
"...this battle NEVER ENDS!!!" And her response was..."tell me about it...this sucks!" Did I not mention that at the beginning? Yes it does!

I realize more so lately, that even after a few years of doing the same program, it can get very easy to get comfortable and "think" you're under control. Not so much. It will forever be a conscious choice that comes with some very uncomfortable consequences:

  • the snugger jeans
  • the 'longita' (spanish for stupid love handle- well kind of) that starts to peak its way over the waist again
  • More importantly, its that feeling yucky and uncomfortable once again and that I remember with MUCH disdain :(
So my whole point to my honesty today is to tell you that I am actually grateful for kind of falling off the wagon right now. Its the reality of all of these little consequences that has strengthened my resolve to get back on program again. But its catching myself now when the damage is just a few pounds before it becomes a disaster. I have not worked this hard to let it all go to waist waste (my waist!) all over again.

In all seriousness, this is when I need Weight Watchers the most and I'm so grateful I still have my mentor to keep me encouraged and on track. As of today, I'm on way way down already so things are looking good. If anything, I just wanted to give those of you that find yourself in similar situations some hope and encouragement that all is not lost (or gained). Either way, once again, its a new year and a new chance to start over. Whatever your program is- go back to basics, find yourself with a fresh new attitude and look forward to the process. It will make all the difference when you encounter new challenges because they'll always be there. Just do it! Hey, I'm right there with you all!

From my little corner to's to getting back on track in 2015!!

Have a great day!

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