Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Mickey Mouse Around the Clubhouse World...

So I've been trying to see this DVD with my baby niece for weeks, and for various reasons it just hasn't happened. I've been wanting to see it with Mikey at least but the kid has been really busy himself so guess what I did this morning? Yup, I watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse...Around the Clubhouse World all by myself

Silly you say? Maybe, but I took advantage while I was working on some baking and frosting of cakes and it gave me something cute to watch as I worked.  It was actually quite nostalgic and it brought me back to watching this show with Mikey when he was a baby boy.

Oh, those were the days! And its still super fun to watch....yes, even on my own.

This new DVD (which came out May 20 btw) has 5 great episodes total you can watch back to back. I watched as Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Daisy made their way around the Clubhouse world, gathering stamps for their passports from France, Egypt, Italy and China. Ooh, let me not forget to mention that there's a passport that comes inside the DVD for your kiddo's too! Then I watched 4 more episodes of everything from Mickey and the gang escaping the clutches of the giant as they try to get Donald's BooBooChicken back, to having themselves some good ol' Carnival fun.


I can't wait to give this to Katarina because she loves Mickey already and she loves this show. My SIL will appreciate it keeping her well entertained for a long time. I honestly feel that you can't go wrong with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for your kids. The stories are entertaining, educational, relevant and the music is super catchy! I have to say that I found myself even doing the "Hot Dog Dance" at the end of the episodes...too much fun I say!!

From my corner to yours...Tootles!!

Mickey Mouse Around the Clubhouse World Its available now on Amazon.

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