Friday, May 23, 2014

Foto Friday...Mateo

This past weekend we were invited to baby Mateo's baptism/1-st birthday party. I have had Mateo as a guest on my blog before at a much younger age, but he is one of those baby's that I've also been taking pictures of since he was born.  So I had the the opportunity to take a few pictures of him at his party while he was still in a good mood, and I wanted to share those with you today. It was a warm day and this little guy really did well considering all the commotion happening around him. 

His mom, Nana, says you'll know if Mateo doesn't like you right away because he won't smile or even look at you, but I was lucky enough to have him at least look at me and occasionally smile big for me as I caught these pictures even as he sat upclose on my lap.

I have a thing about shoes!

Angie is Mateo's Auntie, and you should recognize Angie from some of my past Foto Friday posts and who always has her own amazing homemade parties. So knowing her they probably made these beautiful table centerpieces themselves.  I loved the colors and the set up...always perfect for the occasion. And speaking of perfect, Angie, Nana and friends came up with an even more incredible dessert table theme to match Mateo's already favorite TV character- Sponge Bob! And they made themselves an incredible version of a Bikini Bottom dessert land with all home made desserts of course. I loved this pineapple fruit island!!


Mateo's family went all out to make this a special celebration (as this family usually does), and  they had some fun balloon structures as extra decorations. Always inspiring, and they truly know how to throw a party. It was all too cute!

It was a wonderful party as would be expected, and we had a really nice afternoon. Taking his pictures was just an added bonus. Mateo was such a good sport for me, and also so curious about this camera thing pointing at him, lol.

Thank you Nana and family for letting us share in his special day. 

Thank you all for stopping by!

From my corner to yours...Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!!


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