Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I boys playing catch

I was watching Chris and Danny play catch yesterday after school, and I couldn't help but think about how much I appreciate these moments between my boys. I was going to post something on FB about it when I realized that It meant a lot more to me than what I could concisely declare on one status update, so it became important enough for me to write down and share here on my little corner with all of you.

I appreciate... that Chris misses playing team baseball. Unfortunately, It just didn't end up being his thing in high school, but that doesn't mean he doesn't like playing. If anything, I think Chris appreciates the sport even more now than ever. So this is his way to play and share his continued love for the sport with his brothers.

I appreciate...just how much Chris, on his own volition, take the time to engage Danny in something physical like playing catch instead of like video games. I know that he does it to keep themselves active somehow since they're not playing a sport right now, but I know its also a way for him to bond with Danny on a different level. And Danny, who is not the sports enthusiasts by any means, always accepts his brother's invitation to play catch. He doesn't argue or complain, he just goes. I love that! So to me, its Danny's way of showing just how much he enjoys playing and spending time with his big brother too. (These little things are not lost on me)

I appreciate...the patience Chris has with his brothers.  Chris in general has a very nurturing way about him, but he is soo good with Danny and Mikey. I love Chris's natural ability to teach and tends to get the best out of his brothers in these situations. I could see him being an awesome educator one day.

I something so typical between brothers, actually does so much for Danny.  Chris may not even be aware of this in the moment, but as a mom of a child like Danny, I am always aware of.  Something as simple as playing catch continues to "pull the normal out of Danny" is how I  usually like to put it. 
  • Chris is helping Danny continue to hone in on all his motor skills through all the motions and skills needed to play catch. 
  • His hand-eye coordination gets worked on by making sure how he catches the ball and in throwing the ball right back into Chris's mit.
  • Chris's encouragement and each "Good catch!" visibly builds up Danny's self esteem and confidence. And yet, anytime Chris corrects him or helps him do something better, he's learning how to take a suggestion without getting upset. 
  • Ultimately, he's learning to participate in an everyday activity that he might participate in later with his own friends at school/college and can feel comfortable doing so.
  • These little things can be priceless for Danny's future of becoming independent and self sufficient. Something we want for all of our kids, right?
I appreciate... seeing Jerry come home from work to see his boys playing a sport he loves so much too. It must make him feel good that his playing catch with them over the years has left an impression on them, and now they're doing it on their own. I know for sure they'll be doing the same with their kids one day.

I appreciate...that as I am writing these thoughts down, they might sound very trivial to someone else. But these are the moments I can't afford to take for granted with Danny or my boys in general. You see, for our family sometimes things can be very different, but these are the moments, that for us, make them very normal! And I appreciate that anytime it happens.

I appreciate...that there are those of you out there that can relate to my feelings, maybe within different situations, but same nonetheless, and that makes it worth sharing.

I hope you all have a wonderful day.

From my corner to yours...I always appreciate you stopping by!!

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