Friday, May 17, 2013

Project Life Catch up- Weeks 16, 17 & 18

Well hello there everybody! Its been a while, but I am coming to you today to finally bring you up to date with my Project Life weeks 16 - 18. And it isn't that I haven't been religiously keeping up with my pages on a weekly basis because I have. Its just the small issue of sharing them with you on a timely basis that's the problem, as I am now in the middle of Week 21. it possible we are almost half way through the year already??? Geez!

Anyway, here we go...

Week 16- This week continues Mikey's recovery from his eye. The picture on the left side was how he woke up on the Monday after, and the picture on the right page is his eye by Friday morning. What a huge difference a few days makes. Either way we were happy to see the swelling go down and his eye healing properly.  Come the weekend we had a visit with Jellybean, Danny and I enjoyed  a walk/run together, we went to see '42' with the cousins and the Titos, and finished of the beautiful Sunday afternoon with them at the park to end the week.

This week however was one of those historical weeks that I found impelling enough to include in our book even it was just a mention.  It was a crazy week in the news with the Boston Bombings, the Texas Explosion, and then the final capture of the Boston Bombers. No need to rehash any of that for you, but I wanted to document these times once again for the boys so they can remember where we were in our lives when these things happen.

Week 17- This week started a chain of eventful days, for me in particular, and they became the concentration of this week's pages. I started off the week doing some closet spring cleaning and got organized...amazing feeling. Thursday, was the surprise lunch Jessica had planned for me along with Maribel at Warner Bros. Studios which was just sweet and amazing all around.

Due to all the pictures, I had to add an insert so I took an 8x10 page protector and sewed it down with my sewing machine to perfectly enclose the 5x7 title picture I had printed up.

As I was getting this post done, however, I realized that I had accidentally doubled up on Week 16, So as you can probably see, I had to digitally enhance this picture and correct the number to make it Week 17. No big deal, I will get that page corrected on paper soon too, but I 'm glad I caught that now or else I would have been a week off by the end of the year. Phew!

The back side of the insert, I used to add pictures of our first adventure of babysitting Jellybean for Serg and Casandra. I also made a 5x7 collage to match the title page, and it worked out nicely. The right page is all about my week's next adventure of Betty and I meeting Becky Higgins along with the PL journal card she signed for me. Too much fun, and such a worthwhile trip to see her! See more about that night here.

Week 18-  This week included the last of the out of the ordinary events that took place for me over these last two weeks. Jerry happened to get tickets through work for us to go see Dancing With the Stars but didn't end up being able to go because of work. So I went with a dear friend, Geeta Brown who was able to escape with me early enough on Tuesday afternoon to get gussied up and go through the all the shenanigans of being part of a live audience for this great show. I love dancing and so this show happens to be one of my favorites, and the chance to go see it live was just so great. To see these dancers live was surreal and just amazing!!! AND as an added bonus we got to see Michael Buble perform!! What a treat...I love him!

Anyway, I would love a chance to dance on this show one day, and its on my dream bucket list to do so one day. How, when or why? I  really don't know, but I can dream can't I?

The  big difference with this week's page is that I only did the one page layout instead of two sides. Other than this DWTS event, I really didn't take a lot of pictures this week. It was one of those weeks where I just didn't pull out the camera phone much. So instead of stressing and trying to fill up a whole other page with just words I made the decision to leave it as one page and I'm happy I did. Its all about No Stress!

It happens to work out that Week 19 (which I'll be sharing next week) ended up being similar in that its just one side too. So I was able to get 2 weeks side by side. I love when things work out that way!!

So that's my wrap up for these weeks...see, not to painful, Lol. I've got a few more to catch you up on next week if you don't mind, but I'm done for now.

Thank you again for stopping by to check it out, and I am sharing these on The Mom Creative. 

From my corner to yours...I truly hope you all have a great weekend!!

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