Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Project Life- Week 8

Week 8 came and went pretty quickly. It was a short week with President's Day and all, but we  seemed to have gotten a lot in.  We had birthdays to celebrate, a music audition, some organizing and creativity, a baby photo shoot to take, a meeting with a teacher, books to check out, baseball season to start, friends coming over, a family meeting and of course- The Oscars to end the weekend!

Wow! So I took as many pictures as possible, missing some moments in between but its all good.

On the left side-  I continue to use and actually depend on these collages. They're such a breakthrough in fitting in lots of pictures without having to fill up all my slots. And journaling on the pictures...another huge time saver for me.

On the right I used a couple of Oscar freebies (found here) that I got from our page sharing site. Thank you Laura Kate for those!! I was so excited to use the movie wheel card as it was the apropos way to represent the week. And the Oscar statue was just too cool not to use. I love the generosity I'm finding amongst the PL Community, and how people are so willing to share their mad skills with others. I truly appreciate any help I can get.


We didn't do anything special for the Oscars per say, but I love awards shows and I do love watching them so why not remember them. Also, our first born was born on an Oscar's night back in the day when they used to be held on Monday nights usually in March (remember that??) so I have a soft spot for them anyways. I put in a 4x6 card after the fact of this picture with the main winners of the night.

One thing I tried this new this week was using a combination of print screen shots from my iPhone and my Inst-Collage app to make up this one picture of a Facebook post I wanted to include. My BFF's came over for a last minute visit last Friday night. We didn't do anything exciting per say, but of course I forgot to take a picture while she was here, and she thought it was important enough to post our time together on FB so I wanted to include it here as well. 

I did a photo shoot of my baby niece this week with all these cute little newborn hats and bands my SIL got her. It was soo hard to pick just one picture to represent this (a blog post to come on those). To journal it, I tried using an Ali Edward method of writing in cursive straight on the picture to give it a different effect and I liked the way it ended up looking. I will be doing that again.

 And that's a wrap for Week 8...

So now I'm off to prepare for this week's pages. Week 9 is my birthday week! I'm not doing anything outrageous but I am intending on having some me time and getting some pampering that I'm looking very forward to. So I'm hoping to have some special pictures to share with you next week.

For now, I'm heading over to The Mom Creative to do some more sharing.

From my corner to yours...Happy Wednesday!

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