Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Getting DIY Creative

So yesterday, I told you a little about my organizational missions, and today I want to show you know how in the midst of doing that, I found a chance to get creative and completed a dare to work on a DIY project at the same time.

So as I was on the mission of cleaning off my desk, I also realized that I needed a new desk organizer because this is what I had on my desk before the 'cleanse'. Sexy and cute, right?! Yeah, Not so much...

So where do you think I turned to?? …Yup, Pinterest - Love that place!! I searched for DIY Desk Organizers and I found a few samples of what others have done, and I picked this one out to try for myself and mixed in a little bit of this project  of tinting bottles with it.

Check out those highlighted blogs for details and further instructions but I took the information and tried to make it my own and modified it where I needed to.

I am also very big about using what I have around the house because 1.) I hate having to wait to go get what I need or 2.) I usually have something at home that will work just as well if not better.

So I did exactly that- I looked around and found a couple of salad dressing jars that look a lot like mason jars, a couple of empty Starbucks Frappuchino bottles, a vinegar/oil dispenser I wasn't using, and hot sauce bottle and a few other extra ones. I took Goo Begone to them and took off any attached labels and washed them out completely.

I followed the directions to tint my bottles and I started off with making some pink jars, then I made some light blue ones, and I figured since I was already at it I might as well make some green ones for my bathroom.

The next step was to take the colored bottles and oven bake them to make to bake in the color and and make them clear. I almost didn't believe it could be this easy, but it was!

 after 20 minutes or so @ 170 degrees.

While the jars were "cooking" I looked for a photo frame I could use as the base of my desk organizer, but instead I found the cover of a cookie tin that I used upside down. And since I didn't have any available fabric scraps for this project, I used some heavy card stock paper I had to line the bottom of it as shown.


My next step was to start adding some embellishments to the votive candle holders I wasn't tinting and the finished base. I found some twine that I hot glued around them and the tin base to give that similar rustic look from the sample I picked. 

After the jars were done, I let them cool off for a little bit and then continued to decorate them in a similar manner to complete the look I wanted which included adding some white twine to change it up.

Once I had them all decorated I hot glued them down to the base,
 filled them up with some supplies and placed it on my newly cleansed desk to use.

Then I took the extra bottles I had made, and put 2 of them on my bathroom as window decorations, and the 2 others are now my make up brush and cosmetic holders. They match my bathroom colors and add a nice touch!

What do you think?? Do you like these ideas?? 

Its different, totally easy to make, and it was pretty much FREE!!
The whole project took less than a couple of hours to make, and more importantly 
its all totally useful and a bit more stylish compared to what I used to have.

Would you make this for yourself? Are you inspired to try something like this?
I hope so.
Honestly, what I love about any of these ideas I see on Pinterest
is that you can always make it your own.
You just saw me take 2 simple ideas to make 1!
There are so many possibilities so there's no excuse not to try.
There is no perfection!

If this doesn't work for me in a few months, I can always try again.

From my corner to yours...wishing you some fun- find a project and get creative!

Thanks for stopping by!

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