Friday, January 11, 2013


I'm liking this list! I might to do once a month to remind me to reflect on a moment in time:

    • Drinking:  my second cup of coffee (I may need a 3rd today)
    • Listening: to the news in the backdrop
    • Wearing:  a super comfy white hoodie, leggings and sneakers (Its that kind of day)
    • Working:  on a project for work that has to be done soon
    • Feeling:   a little tired, but good having finally put away Christmas!
    • Weather:  43 degrees, beautiful, but I'm FREEZING!
    • Wanting:  more time in the day to do stuff
    • Needing:  to do my daily stretches
    • Wishing:  I could get a mani-pedi
    • Making:   A cake for a friends little girl who's birthday was cancelled due to death in the family :'(
    • Enjoying: that my hubby is home from work this morning
    • Loving:    That its Friday!

From my corner to yours...Have a great weekend and take a moment to look around!

This list of currents was inspired by Amy Tangerine.

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