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Baby Shower turned to Pinterest....oh the ideas!!

Hi there again!

So in this post I am going to give credit where credit is due because a lot (if not most) of the ideas we we used to decorate/enhance the baby shower I got from Pinterest! For all intense purposes, I could technically say that this turned into a Pinterest baby shower...Lol! Hey, just being honest! ;)

This won't be the last time I say this but...I LOVE Pinterest!!

As for many people I know, Pinterest has become the go to website for ideas for all kinds of things. For crafts, recipes, event planning etc., and ever since I knew that I could possibly be planning my niece's shower, I started collecting ideas. That in itself is something I love to do!! This baby shower was my chance to finally get creative all over again, see these ideas come to fruition, and as always have tons of fun in the process.

The best part about getting ideas from here is the ability to take them and then make them your own to fit your theme as you see fit.  I'll be talking about as many of these as I can and you can click on the highlighted words to see the exact link as to where I got the original ideas, and maybe you'll find some of your own favorite ones.

Some of the ideas I picked up over the months were a tea party favor, a baby mobile and some paper pom poms. The paper poms are always a very pretty way to decorate. They were super easy to make and can actually be surprisingly inexpensive to make. I was able to make a whole bunch out of one pack of multi-colored tissue paper from the dollar store. Yay!

That's what I love about a lot of these ideas...They don't take much to make them come alive.

In regards to food, its all about presentation, right? Part of the fun is trying to make the table as pretty as possible. So Pinterest has some fantastic ideas as to how to display your food, and I took advantage of some as I didn't want to disappoint.

Who would of thought of a powdered doughnut cake? So simple and sweet. I just made the fabric roses a little different and out of colors that matched our theme colors to add to the cake. The fabric roses are also something I made months ago and are easy enough to make while watching tv and then have them ready when you need them.  I also made some extra roses to hot glue around a baseball for another centerpiece. The ideas are endless.

The veggie cups I have seen been used at parties before. They are just as pretty and colorful as they are practical for your guests to enjoy.

We also put out mozzarella skewers that are always classy and add a little color to the table as well.  They were so popular I didn't even get a chance to take a picture of them, but you can check out the link to see what they look like.

This watermelon baby was just genius!! I just HAD to make this for the shower. Its was just too dang cute and soo different. You can make it out of any size watermelon, but I used a small one so it would fit in the salad bowl. I used an orange for the face and grapes for the eyes.  I went ahead and added a fabric bow to give it that baby girl touch of course, and Marilyn's little girl, Mina, was kind enough to share her binky with us for the final detail. This was a big hit with everybody.

The original tea bag party favor I saw was for a bridal shower and I just changed up the paper colors to match our colors, and actually machine sewed the pocket on each individual card instead which gave it a different detail. Then I embellished them with scrapbooking supplies I already had to make each one different at the end. I also found small silver plastic spoons at the dollar store that I put in each tea cup on the tables, but you could add them in the pockets of these favors instead. Totally cute!

The original flower mobile idea I saw I had absolutely loved and knew I wanted to make one for Baby Fea's room. I just took the colors I knew Casandra wanted to work with and made different colored felt flowers held together with buttons. It was actually easier than it looks to make and I loved the way it came out. Again this is one of those ideas you can do at your leisure and put together in a short amount of time.  I figure they can use it as a mobile over her crib or just as a room decoration, but they loved that it was all made by hand. .

I was already on a sewing kick and I had decided early on to make them a gift from another idea I picked up a while ago...a portable baby changing pad and burping cloths out of fabric and terry cloth towels. I have made a few of these already for other friends and I'm hoping they have put them to good use. After making a few, I've figured out the sewing logistics, and they are actually pretty straight forward to make. I making them different for each baby by varying fabric choices and adding little details including adding 3 pockets at the bottom so they can store diapers, wipes and even a bottle if necessary. I made the burp cloths from contrasting fabric/colors and it made a "pretty in pink" set for Casandra (or Sergio) to put in their diaper bag to help them be fashionable and practical on the go.
There was one extra one thing we did make on our own which was a baby library crate. Marilyn and Ellen wanted to start a library for Casandra and Sergio's baby girl...such a cute and practical idea. So we requested for all the guests to bring a new or gently used book to start off her library and had them write their well wishes on the inside front cover so that they'd always know who gave it to her. So then we bought a wooden crate from Michaels, painted it white (fyi-2 good coats) and I added some of the same felt flowers that I made for the mobile so that it would all match in her room.   As Casandra opened her gifts and collected books they were placed in the library and they were able to take it home after ready to go. Then as the baby grows, they can add more crates and make it a nice storage unit. 

Honestly, there are tons of other ideas I could have probably done, but I picked the main ones I wanted to do. There is only so much time for all of it, and I believe there will always be another opportunity to put that idea into play.  Having said that though, I was apparently accused at the shower for getting all of this done because I have too much time on my hands...UUMM, yeah, not soo much!

Those of you who know me, and are busy moms too know how busy I can get with working part time, 3 boys on my hand, sports, homework and everything else that a mom does. However, I will say that when it comes to crafting, I will and do make time for it because I LOVE it, and because I know myself enough that when I get an idea in my head, I'm not happy until I get it done...it also takes a little planning, so that's what I do! So if I know ahead of time what craft I want to make or re-create I take a few steps at a time to get it completed. I have to do it this way! I get materials ready one day, I set it out the other, I cut out patterns all at one time, and then I take advantage of any down time I have like in the evenings (as I mentioned above) when I'm watching tv and do what I can then. This system works for me, and I'm able to get a lot done this way, but over time.

Soo there you are! All the ideas I used directly from Pinterest. I would love to take credit for most of them, but they weren't mine, so I won't. But I can share them with you like I just did and hope you enjoy them one day too. Remember that the links I posted should guide you back to the original blog location of the idea, and you'll find that most of these blogs supply more detailed instructions and even patterns to make these ideas for yourself.

How can you go wrong? My point is, crafting and being creative isn't impossible to do, you just have to find what works for you.

Do you have something coming up that you want to find ideas for?  I'd love to see what you guys come up with. Its all about sharing ideas and learning from each other, right? I think so ;)

Thanks for stopping by and from my corner to yours...I hope you have a Pinterest kind of week!

Get creative!

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